So now anyone can automate their Android devices with the Tasker app. You might have read this a lot of times, but purchasing the Tasker app is not enough. It is possible that even after having the app, it is of no use to you because you do not know about the Best Tasker profiles.

We are living in the smartphone-friendly world and this small device with the help of its built-in function and right apps can do so much automatically, that one can’t even think of.  The Tasker profiles are a combination of tasks and trigger that allows the users to automate their Android devices easily.

However finding the right Tasker profiles and setting them up is difficult for some, and for others, it is very new. So in the article, we will take you through the Tasker app and the profiles that you need to trigger in 2021.

What are Tasker Profiles?

The tasks that are automated on your Android devices with the help of the Tasker app are the Tasker profiles. In simple terms, you assign a series of tasks that your device completes automatically as and when the pre-described set of conditions is met.

For instance, turning on the power saver mode when your phone is running low on battery, or switching off Wi-Fi at night, or preventing over-heating of the phone because you forgot to take it off from charging.

There are so many instances when we are beaten by these smart gadgets because we are not using them smartly. And so if you too fall into these daily traps and want to run them smoothly, you can spend a few dollars and use the Tasker app.

Best Latest Tasker Profiles 2021

Tasker app enhances your Android experience and helps you save your time, battery, mobile data and what not in many ways. But it is important that you are aware of the profiles that you can activate to ease your tasks.

We have tried to include Tasker profiles that work without root access as well.

Mute Incoming Calls by changing the Orientation of Device

You can put your phone in silent mode during incoming calls by simply turning your device upside down. This profile option is available in Tasker, which is a complete lifesaver for the calls that come during meetings and lectures.

Step 1- Choose State and Sensor and create a profile.

Step 2- From the menu, click on Orientation. Then choose the Face Down option from the drop-down list.

Step 3– Give the task a new name and press the + button. Then go to Audio, select Ringer Volume.

Step 4– In the next menu, set the volume level to Zero.

Enable Auto-Rotate of Some Apps

For streaming apps like YouTube or any other application that you use to play videos, the auto-rotate feature saves a lot of time. Isn’t it great that you don’t have to go every time to enable the display auto-rotate option and then disable it once you are done watching?

Here is how you can set the auto-rotate profile in the Tasker app.

Step 1– Firstly create a profile. Then click on Application.

Step 2– Then choose the apps that you want to put into the Auto-rotate feature. And then name the task.

Step 3– Now using the + button menu option, open Display. Choose Display Auto-Rotate.

Step 4– Then in the next window, click on the On option to enable it.

Launch Music Player When headphones are Plugged In

If you spend most of the time on the Music apps, then this Tasker profile is for all you audiophiles out there. Enabling this profile launches the apps selected as soon as you plug in your headphones.

Also if you want you can trigger the volume level as well.

Step 1- Press the + button and create a new profile.

Step 2– Then click on the State option. And open Hardware.

Step 3– In the next menu, click on Headset Plugged option. You will have to provide the task with a suitable name when asked.

Step 4– Again click on the + option, and then choose App.

Step 5– Now click on the Launch App option from the menu. Select the music apps that you want to start automatically.

Open a Series of Apps

With the help of this useful Tasker profile, you can move from one app to the other easily. For instance, you have checked all your emails, you can move to the NewsStand app or Whatsapp according to your priority. Sounds cool?

So check out how you can line u the apps to be visited in series.

Step 1-Tap the + button to create a profile. Open Applications.

Step 2– Now click on the application that you wish to visit first. And then give the task a name, when asked.

Step 3– Again press the + button. Now click on App, and then the Launch App option.

Step 4– Now choose the app that you want to open next.  Now return to the Profile window, and long-press the app that you selected now i.e. the second app.

Step 5– Choose the Move to Exit option.

Send Emergency Text when Battery is Low

There are chances that your battery is running low and you won’t be able to charge in the next few hours. For such cases, you can generate a profile that sends out emergency texts to important people.

Step 1– You can start by creating a new profile. Then click on State.

Step 2– Then choose the Power option. Click on the Battery level.

Step 3– Now you can select the battery level at which you want to send the texts.

Step 4– Name this new task and then click on the + button. Next click on Phone> compose SMS option.

Step 5– In the next window, you can add the recipients, message and other details.

Put Privacy Settings for Few Apps

You do not need to have a separate app locker if you have Tasker. You can easily create a profile to out the extra layers of protection for a few apps. So you can create the lock screen for the few apps that hold all your secrets.

Step 1– Create a new profile. Open Applications.

Step 2– Choose the Applications for which you want to set privacy. Give the task a name, and click on the + button.

Step 3– Then click on Display> Lock. And finally, click on provide the Lock Key in the section.

And so now every time you will open the app, the lock screen will appear. It’s much better to use than any other third-part locker app.

Disable Screen Off while using Reading Apps

You are reading something on your phone, and it turns off after every few seconds. Irritating? Yes, but you can create a profile that disables this feature and lets you read without any interruption.

It basically prevents your phone from turning off while the reading apps of your phone are active.

Step 1– Create a profile for disabling Screen off feature. Open Applications.

Step 2– Now from the menu, you can choose the application for which you want to enable this feature.

Step 3– Name the task, and hit the + button to add it to your list.

Step 4– Next open Display, and choose Display Timeout option. And then choose the value.

Step 5– You can set the timer to one hour or more, according to your need.

Disable Mobile Data during Low Battery

Mobile data drains a lot of your battery and so you can prevent it from doing so, especially when it is already in low. Choose the following trigger to set up the Tasker profile.

useful tasker profile - battery level

Step 1– Generate a new profile. Click on State option.

Step 2– Open Power. Then choose the Battery level.

Step 3– Then you can select the range at which you want to activate this feature.

Step 4– Name the task accordingly, and click on the + button to add it.

Step 5– Next click on Net. And Turn On the Mobile Data option.

Disable Auto-Brightness for Certain Apps

To adjust the brightness of the apps, you need to disable the Auto-brightness feature. Just create a profile and enjoy full brightness in certain apps.

Step 1– Make a new profile. Go to the applications section.

Step 2– Now select the apps in which you want to have full brightness say YouTube.

Step 3– Give the task profile a name, and add it by pressing the + button.

Step 4– Now from the menu, click on Display. Then select Display Brightness.

Step 5– You can then select the amount of brightness that you want for different apps from here.

Disable Auto-rotate during Bedtime

Another display feature that irritates us a lot especially during bedtime is the auto-rotate. It takes a lot of time to enable and disable the auto-rotate feature while you are in bed.

tasker profile - disable display

Step 1– Start a new profile. Go to the Time section.

Step 2– Now set the normal time of your sleep. So select the time when you are using your phone while lying in bed.

Step 3– Then give the file a name, and add it to the profile by adding the + button.

Step 4– Go to the Display section. And click on the Display AutoRotate option and turn it off.

Get Whatsapp Voice Notifications

This is the most interesting Tasker profile that you need to check out today. So if you trigger this action, you will receive a voice notification with the name of the person sending you a message on Whatsapp.

best tasker profiles - task edit

Step 1– Make a new profile. Navigate to the vents tab.

Step 2– Click on Notifications. Select Whatsapp from the drawer.

Step 3– Now click on the + button and then click on State. Choose the Display option and then click on Turn off.

Step 4– Again click on the + button to create a new profile and then choose the Misc> Say option.

Step 5- Type the following title- “’New Whatsapp %NTITLE”.

Lock the Phone by Shaking

Another handy feature of Android devices is that you can lock it just by shaking. So if you are interested in automating your device, then check out the steps given.

useful tasker profiles

Step 1– Make a new profile. Then click on Events.

Step 2– Under the Sensor option, choose Shake.

Step 3– Next you will have to make some preferences like sensitivity, duration, and axis at which your phone will be locked.

Step 4– So click on the + button and create a new task. Next, navigate to Display and select the System Lock option.


Here are 41+ Best Tasker Profiles of 2021:

  • Mute incoming calls by changing the orientation of the device
  • Enable Auto-rotate of some apps
  • Get Location coordinates
  • Encrypt the file specified on the device
  • Enable wifi when starting the application
  • Energy-saving set up with tasker
  • Import XML files with tasker
  • Sorting files by timer
  • Hourly notifications
  • Lock the phone by shaking
  • Get WhatsApp voice notifications
  • Disable Auto-rotate during bedtime
  • Disable auto-brightness of certain apps
  • Disable mobile data while a low battery
  • Disable screen lock while using reading apps
  • Put privacy settings for a few apps
  • Send an emergency text when the battery is low
  • Open a series of apps
  • Turn on wifi when at home
  • Sounding an alarm while overheating
  • Receive Location-based notifications
  • Deactivating email notifications for weekends
  • protection of apps via tasker
  • message sending times
  • and much more

Wrapping Up

These were some of the Tasker profiles that will come in handy to you even with un-rooted Android devices. If you haven’t known about the Tasker app before then I’m sure that after this article you would be sure that it is one of the best apps for Android. So it’s time you automate your device and enhance your experience.

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