Contrary to the opinion of some skeptics, the good old 2D format is popular. It is in demand among certain categories of customers. The creation of simple, skeletal 2d explainer video is especially in demand in the advertising business. This format, as it turned out, allows you to create colorful, slightly funny, and original images. The highlight of the format is that it is these videos. Their uncomplicated characters are especially well remembered by the vast majority of potential customers.

What is 2d animation?

The funniest and most emotionally responsive explanatory videos are made using hand-drawn animation techniques. They are the champions of being cute and extremely popular with viewers and marketers. They easily win attention and are well remembered. They allow irrepressible creativity to roam.

2D commercials are used in business to:

  1. Create a memorable presentation of a company’s product or service. Human audial or visual: it doesn’t matter – the video contains information that has the same effect on different clients.
  2. Create a positive company image. A properly shot video reflects the values, aspiration, scale of the company. People start to recognize you.
  3. Increase customer confidence in the company. Creating a vivid, memorable video brings you closer to your customers. According to the study, watching a video about a company was the top factor for 88% of customers when making a purchasing decision.
  4. Encourage a potential customer to make a purchase. The dynamism of the video, simplicity, availability of information, “virality” tip the scales towards buying from you. Specialists know how to create 2d animation without any problems.

Features of 2D how to create an explainer video

Professional production of animation provides for structuredness. The need for preliminary preparation, a brief. Based on the requirements and features of the projects, modern animation clips, cartoons for concerns, as well as children, are compiled.

The brief is necessary to form the concept of the video, draw up a script, select the necessary idea, on the basis of which the cartoon is developed. After completing the preparatory work, character layouts are made, location designs are created, drawing, storyboarding, and animatic are performed.

The studio’s specialists carry out complex work on video production. They develop projects of any complexity level, create cartoon corporate, children’s videos. Provide the implementation of work on the production of marketing tools, cartoons to the agency team for high-quality and modern project implementation.

Creation of 2D cartoons

Competent production of two-dimensional animation is necessary not only for children’s animation but also for corporate tasks, for example, the development of enterprises, products, increasing the volume of orders, forming a favorable brand image, improving customer loyalty. Prefer to contact the studio to order video production projects.

Why is the development of animated videos the best for clients?

According to the results of marketing research, the video:

  1. Influences significant channels of information transmission – auditory and visual at the same time. The average person perceives only 22% of information by ear and 34% by eyes. Video can convey 75% of the information.
  2. Attracts customers to the site 30% more effectively than using images, text.
  3. Replaces 10 articles or 1,000 words on average. It is several times easier to watch than to read.
  4. Reduces the cost of organizing an advertising campaign by 70% due to an increase in the conversion of marketing materials, where the video with 2D animation is embedded.
  5. Increases trust. Communication with clients becomes warmer thanks to the fact that they saw a video before the call.
  6. It increases the average time spent on the site, the number of actions performed, due to which the resource quickly gets to the TOP.

2D animation and 3d explainer videos are excellent for both B2B and B2C segments. 2D video has almost no limitations, for this, they are loved and used by a variety of businesses.

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