Customer feedback or reviews about your business matter a lot today. Based on the findings by Power Reviews, at least 97 percent of all customers look for internet reviews before buying a product and another 68 percent would have an opinion about a company once they read 1-6 consumer reviews.

If you have a business, big or small, you have received poor customer reviews that really worked you up. Now, that is natural and nothing to worry about provided you know how to keep your cool and pacify irate customers.

According to an article published on, there are ethical ways to manage the online reputation of your brand. First, accept negative reviews and make amends to rectify your mistakes for making your business, product, or service better.

Nothing is more disappointing than looking at bad words related to your brand posted on your social media pages, business listings, or a negative comment at the end of your blog article. If the number of these reviews keep increasing, it would become hard to keep your cool, especially when customer reviews appear excessively off-putting.

That does not mean that you shout at your customers. Keep composed and deal with the situation in a professional way. Here are the best ways to pacify your angry customers when they lose their cool:

First, make an apology sincerely and empathize with your customers

There are times when a customer shouts at you illogically with no fault of yours. In such a situation, first, make a sincere apology even if the customer is wrong. Make sure you express empathy in your response so that your buyer understands that you are honest about the apology and not doing it for the sake of it. Concede with your customer’s feelings and offer a solution to make things better for your buyer as well as for your business.

Based on the findings of industry experts, 70 percent of shopping experiences depends on how a consumer feels about the way he or she is treated. Therefore, a genuine apology and empathy will help in turning a negative situation into a positive one, thus improving overall customer experience.

It’s not necessary to make a lengthy or elaborate apology. A couple of sympathetic words will go a long way toward pacifying angry customers. You can use something like this. “We apologize sincerely and regret that our products failed to meet your expectations. We are happy to help you and make amends right away for the best solution.” Try this tactic and you will benefit and succeed in making an irate customer happy.

Reply to customer’s feedback fast

When a customer posts a negative comment about your brand or product on social media, respond to that immediately. Do not delay, as that would make things worse for your brand reputation. Reply with a kind message that you apologize and empathize fast. You might be wondering why to respond quickly. Well, here are some data to help you understand.

Studies show that 78 percent of consumers who complain about your business on social media sites like Twitter expect a reply within one hour or so. Again, 95 percent of unhappy buyers would return to your business if you manage to reply fast and efficiently with a logical solution. If you want to improve your brand’s online reputation, you can look up platforms such as Walnut Solutions or similar ones.

A quick reply has double benefits. First, you acknowledge your buyer’s pain points and act fast to address the issue, solving the root of the problem with the best possible solution. You can write something simple like, “Thank you for providing your valuable feedback and intimating us about your concerns. We appreciate you.”

Address customer concern and explain your solution in brief

Though your goal is not to write a huge story about the possible solution, your brand is trying to figure out or the steps it would like to take and solve the fundamental issue. For the negative feedback, it is smart to explain in brief the steps you would take to address the problem. You can discuss the issue on an online forum only if you feel appropriate to do so, else not. Let us explain this point with the help of an example.

For example, if the bad or poor review is related to a problem with your customer service agent, you can write something like, “We walk the extra mile and strive to offer the best customer service experience. Our team has assessed your feedback and we make certain that the same situation will not be repeated in the future.”

Make an offer of a refund if it is necessary

Today, customer retention is the need of the hour with the competition, growing stiff by the day. Repeat business, according to industry experts, is one of the most essential aspects to thrive and continuing operations successfully. Based on studies, your business can boost profits by 25 percent to 29 percent, which is possible by increasing the retention rates of a customer by at least five percent.

If you see that a customer has really received a faulty product, reach out to your unhappy buyers and offer a complete refund or you can replace the faulty product with one that works efficiently. If you are offering compensation, it could include things like a coupon code, a gift card, free shipping, or a discounted product. These little steps would help to turn an irate customer into a happy one as well as a loyal patron of your brand. Down the line, he or she might become your brand supporter.

Final thoughts

Follow these tips if you have an irate buyer and negative reviews. Once you respond fast and make an honest apology, you win half the battle. Take steps to make amends and provide the best possible solution to resolve the customer problem without any delay. This way, you would see a positive outcome, turning a bad situation around quickly. Once you address an issue, your buyers would post positive reviews about your business and customer service.

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