MacOS users always suffered in the aspect of flexibility & variety as compared to other operating systems. But developers from all types of software industries are working their ass off to serve the macOS users. Like other operating systems, macOS users can also opt for premium VPNs and secure their internet identity. In this article, I am going to share some of the best VPNs for Mac to help you choose a reliable option. Unlike other applications, Virtual Private Networks are easily available for Mac, and therefore, it was easy for us to find the most reliable VPNs for Mac.

You can access any restricted or blocked content by connecting your device to a VPN and bypassing the geographical location. Let us not wander around the introduction segment and move further to the list of Best VPN for Mac. Also, share this comprehensive listing with your mates and let them help choose a reliable virtual private network.

10 Best VPN for Mac  

As mentioned earlier, VPNs are common for Mac because there are many new arrivals in the VPN sector. It is sure perplexing to choose the most reliable VPN amongst so many potential choices, and therefore, we listed below the best & reliable virtual private network providers for Mac.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is ruling the VPN sector by providing premium & secure servers at an affordable price. To be honest, NordVPN is my primary VPN for all my private network requirements, like accessing any restricted content or digging deep web.

I must say that NordVPN offers a huge sum of discount as compared to its rivals, and that makes it the #1 VPN for Mac and other operating systems. Unlike most of the VPNs, NordVPN promises to secure connection, and that is what they charge money for. 

If you are searching for a secure & fast virtual private network, then NordVPN will satisfy you with all your requirements. NordVPN features more than 5000 strong & 256-Bit encrypted servers all over the world. Apart from using it on your macOS, you can connect the single purchased license to other devices like PC, iOS, Android, and other compatible devices (up to 6). NordVPN is certainly the best VPN for surfing anonymously and accessing restricted web content without any technical hassle.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is another popular name in the VPN market, and they are investing a good amount in marketing. Not just marketing, their VPN service is also fantastic that has the ability to satisfy all your VPN requirements. ExpessVPN has robust & secure servers located in more than 90 countries that make it more appealing to the users looking for more server options. By using ExpressVPN, a user can access any geographically blocked content from anywhere in the world. 

If you are making a list of potential virtual private networks, then ExpressVPN definitely deserves to be on top. Unlike the free VPNs, ExpressVPN provides you with a simple interface that is easy to use for any regular user. The monthly plan of ExpressVPN costs about $12, but you can bring this down by opting for long-term plans.

3. IP Vanish

As the name suggests, IP Vanish aims to spoof your real IP and secure your online identity. IP Vanish is certainly the best you can go for after NordVPN as it supports ten devices with a single purchase. Call your friends for it and make the subscription fee of $7.5 more affordable. IP Vanish is compatible with almost all the major operating systems like Mac, Windows, iOS, Linus & Android. 

It is difficult to make one long-term decision for some, and hence, you can opt for a week of free premium trial. Based in the United States, IP Vanish offers more than 1300 servers that are comparatively low but enough. 

4. CyberGhost

Want to surf the internet anonymously? CyberGhost VPN is perfect to go for you. It belongs to the recommended list of many top tech blogs, and that makes it a trustworthy & reliable VPN. CyberGhost offers a straightforward interface that brings ease to the users while connecting to robust servers. It does everything a virtual private network should do to enhance the user experience. At CyberGhost, your connection is super secure, and you do not need to worry about any consequences.

5. HotSpot Shield VPN

The main issue with VPNs is that they limit the internet speed, which eventually results in bad user experience. With HotSpot Shield VPN, your connection speed or bandwidth is not capped, and you get a skyrocket internet performance. HotSpot Shield offers more than 3K servers located all over the globe to enhance your VPN experience.

The interface has simple features that are easy to use for even a new Mac user. If your primary concern is speedy internet with anonymity, then you should definitely try your hands on HotSpot Shield.

6. SurfShark 

SurfShark is another potential virtual private network that aims to deliver speed and secure connection to its users. Unlike many other VPNs, it does not cap your bandwidth and offers a speedy internet connection. You can easily install it on your Mac and surf anonymously. SurfShark owns a wide range of servers located in about 60 countries that puts more on the user’s plate. It belongs to the freemium segment, and to be honest; free servers are neither secure nor fast.

7. VyprVPN

Vypr offers an appealing interface that projects it as the most decent & reliable virtual private network available in the market. No doubt, it works fantastic on macOS but is also compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, Routers, and Android TV. Purchasing the license will not only serve your macOS but other compatible devices.

If you are not sure about VyprVPN but want to try it, then you can opt for a one-month free trial and then make an ultimate decision. For me, VyprVPN is a potential VPN and works perfectly for torrenting & accessing other blocked web pages.

8. UltraVPN

UltraVPN is a virtual private network provider that aims to deliver secure & fast internet connection to its users. You can anonymously surf torrent sites on your macOS without any fear of getting caught by your ISP or government. If you want to unlock any content of the United States that is blocked in your region, then you can simply connect to a US server and then stream blocked or restricted content without any hassle.

Apart from the functions & features, UltraVPN is available at a monthly value price of $8/month. You can get more discounts by subscribing to long-term plans. 

9. Windscribe

Windscribe is an astounding VPN service provider that belongs to the freemium segment. The free (basic) version does not support fast servers and has restricted data usage. The monthly subscription costs $9/month and can be dragged down to $4.0/month (if billed annually.) Windscribe features a unique pricing system of building plan yourself— for the people who have less use of VPN. 

The interface is quite basic and does not feature anything unique. We did a survey on Windscribe, and most of the reviews marked it as an average VPN. So if you do not want high specs in your VPN provider, then you can surely opt for Windscribe.

10. Norton Secure VPN

Norton Secure VPN is one of the most premium VPN providers standing in the market today. They do not spend much on advertising but offers super fast speed & secure connection. Norton Secure VPN does not have many servers but is enough because of fewer users.

The servers are located in only 29 major countries, which is less compared to Norton’s competitors. If you do not want an extensive choice of servers, then you can opt for Norton Secure VPN at the cost of $40/year. 


These were some of the best VPNs for Mac we handpicked especially for you. If you have any doubts regarding any listed virtual private network, then please comment and let us know. I have been dealing with VPNs for a very long time, and therefore, I have personally experienced every potential VPN available in the market. The ranking in this article is purely based on our personal experience with the listed networks. Today, I have shared some of the best VPNs for macOS that will help you surf securely on your Mac. You can choose from the above potential list according to your personal requirements. 

I believe that this article helped you with all your doubts & queries relevant to the topic—Best VPN for Mac. But if you have any doubts regarding the subject, then please comment, and I or someone from our staff will reply to it very soon. Also, share this piece of secure information with your friends who own Mac & are searching for a reliable VPN. Which amongst the listed VPNs is your favorite? Share your experience and influence, other readers.

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