Bitmax is a cryptocurrency like other digital currencies. Bitmax was introduced in 2018 in Singapore by Dr. George Cao and Ariel Lin. Bitmax was considered as one of the top exchanges platforms in the term of trading in 2019. The Bitmax is completely legal in many countries but some countries don’t allow to trade in this cryptocurrency.

The Main office of Bitmax cryptocurrency is located in Singapore. Bitmax also has two other offices in Beijing and the other one is in New York. It is widely used in trading exchanges for altcoins and bitcoin. It is also pure money as paper money exists in virtual form. The main reason to establish 비트맥스 is to support the financial market and enhance market depth.

What about Security?

As we know, Security is the first thing that comes in our mind when we are discussing a trading platform. The Bitmax platform has a Strict-Transport-Security system. This system is responsible for the protection of unauthorized access to user exchanges and user information. Bitmax also has an expert team for monitoring all the exchange activities to increase platform security. This platform also has features like X-Content-Type-Options and Strict-Transport-Security to boost up the security level to secure user trading information form unauthorized access. Bitmax is using an advanced very expansive security system to secure the trading information.

How a Beginner can Start:

If you are new and want to trade on this platform, you need an account. You have to enter your personal email address and generate a password for your new account. After completing the registration process, you have to decide whether you want to verify your ID or not. If you don’t want to show your identity on the trading platform then you can withdraw only 2BTC per day. If the user has an id-verified account then the user can easily withdraw more than 100BTC per day. If the user wants to withdraw higher amounts, then the user has to provide further information about your financial background to the higher authorities. On this platform, there is a token which is a primary component of trading which is known as BTMX token. Bitmax has approximately 10 billion tokens on this platform with 49% of pre-distributed and 51% tokens available for the users.

You can also use a peer to peer bitcoin exchange to buy and sell products in real-time.

Bitmax Fee Structure:

This platform charges only 0.10% per trade. The interesting thing about this platform is the trading fee comparatively very low to the other platform which is 0.25%. For the regular user, this platform also reduces fees as a gift to regular users. As you see this platform provides a very low exchange rate and withdraws fees. The same fee is charged every withdrawal. But the fee may vary from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency. For BTC the exchange fee is 0.0005 BTC. These chargers are very low as compared to the other exchange platform. The average charges for BTC are approx. 0.0008 BTC.

How to Deposit in Your Account:

If you are a new trader then keep one thing in your mind. If you want to trade on the Bitmax platform you do not use fiat money to deposit in your account. It means that if you are a new investor you are not able to trade on this platform. If you want to buy this virtual currency, you need an entry-level.

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