Kodi, as you all know, is a big name in entertainment industries these days. It offers an enormous list of movies and TV shows for its lovers so that you can watch all sorts of movies and TV shows. This open-source media center application supports almost all the popular operating systems. To extend the streaming experience Kodi allows developers to build scripts aka Kodi add-ons. Various Kodi add-ons ask for PIN or pairing process for balancing the request loads on the servers. vshare.eu is one such famous server. If you are using this server on your Kodi for different addons then you will never get any interruption. You can watch your favorite videos on Kodi without any problem by using vshare.eu server or http://vshare.eu/pair.

But sometimes the Kodi software is unable to sustain traffic and cannot give the proper content. To solve this problem Kodi developers have introduced a server called vshare.eu. So here in this article, I will be discussing what is the vshare.eu/pair and how to fix http://vshare.eu/pair Error on Kodi.

What is http://vshare.eu/pair Stream Authorization?

The vsahre.eu is an extremely popular video server. It holds the database for millions of movies, videos, and TV shows. It is a cross-platform video sharing website that users can use to upload any videos and then share it online. vshare.eu is basically the abbreviation of “video share“. Various Kodi add-ons like Covenant, Exodus, Nemesis, Neptune Rising, Placenta etc. use vshare.eu web servers. This is done to scrap the contents from using Python and other scripting language codes

In order to prevent the spamming or overloading of the server, the developers recommend you to pair your device with http://vshare.eu/pair to access the contents. When you click on any streaming link offered by this server, you will be asked to pair your IP address. A message will pop up like this “http://vshare.eu/pair stream authorization”.

What is the need of http://vshare.eu/pair stream authorization?

When there are multiple users accessing the similar content then it leads to server failure or server shut down. This is due to an extreme load on the server. Therefore controlling this traffic is essential for making the content available to all of the user. This is why there is a need of stream authorization to be available.

As you are aware that watching a movie requires server because Kodi add-ons collect movies from several different servers. Out of these servers, Vshare.eu pair is one of them. When the error of vshare.eu/pair appears it is mandatory to fix this error else you cannot see your movie on an add-on. Developers made this software of vshare to solve your issues. And without solving this issue one cannot work on any of the servers.

So here are the solutions on how to fix this vshare.eu.pair issue in the simplest manner possible.

Why Do we Get Or How To Find https://vshare.eu/Pair Error?

We all know that the Kodi software has great popularity among the country. Now because of its popularity and every day up to date features the followers of Kodi are increasing rapidly. This increment makes Kodi developers a pressure to deliver quality videos and non-interrupted videos. But this leads to an unsustainable Kodi. In order to get rid of this issue, the Kodi developers introduced a server as vshare.eu pair.

There are many reasons that will require the introduction of this server that is listed as below.

1. Automatically Opening The Unwanted Windows

“Enable The Ad Blocker” option to get rid of this issue. After when you enable this option you will not get any kind of ads while pairing with vshare pair website. Hence you can pair the https://vshare.eu/pair and then enjoy watching favorite videos.

2. Page Not Found Error

You must check the Vshare server address you have entered while pairing your Device IP address along with the Video share website address. Now pair your device with the correct URL to avoid not working issue.

3. This website is Temporarily Blocked

If your device IP address is detected in any restricted regions then you would get this issue. Hence have to use the IP Vanish or Hoxx VPN. Because these VPN’s will hide your device IP address allowing you to access vshare pair service in restricted areas also.

4. This site Could Not Be Reached

If you are getting this issue on your device while using this server, check your internet connection and then restart your device and start watching your favorite videos.

How to Pair https://vshare.eu/pair?

Now in case you want to pair https://vshare.eu/pair on Firestick, then here I am mentioning a working method to pair it with Amazon Firestick. You will have to pair your Kodi with the vshare.eu server using Firestick Kodi. So follow the below-mentioned steps to pair your Firestick Kodi IP address with the vshare server.

Step 1- Open your Kodi Home screen.

Step 2- Now connect your mobile phone with the same Wi-Fi network of Firestick.

Step 3- Open your browser and type https://vshare.eu/pair.

Step 4- Pair your IP Address with Vshare.

Step 5- Now mark the option “I am Not a Robot”. Finally, click on Active Streaming or Pair.

Your Firestick will now get pair successfully with vshare.eu server.

How to Fix vshare.eu/Pair Error?

There are several different methods to solve vshare.eu pairing error that uses Stream Authorization Method. So all you need to do is follow this method and get rid of vshare.eu pair error.

To fix this error there is a tutorial with 3 working methods. Using these methods you will be able to give perfect videos to the user who wants to stream through their Kodi addons.

Method 1- Fix Vshare.eu/pair Using Direct Authorization

One of the most preferred and the simplest methods for solving the vshare.eu pair stream authorization error is by direct authorization. Here a person’s IP address is verified directly for the service provider.

One of the main advantages of utilizing this method is that it is independent of the device. It simply uses the IP to authenticate the user using which one can verify the IP address from any device. But make sure both the devices are using the same network. Follow the steps.

Step 1- Firstly, open your Kodi Software.

Step 2- Now click on video addon. And try to watch any movies or your favorite videos.

Step 3- You will get a different kind of “Servers List” such as olpair, tvad.me pair, flashx.pair and vshare.eu pair etc.

Step 4- From the servers list select “Vshare eu/pair”

Step 5- Now it will send you a notification that says “To play this video Stream Authorization Required”.

Step 6- To avoid this notification “open a Browser”.

Step 7- Type URL “https://vshare. eu/pair” . You can see this URL also in the Kodi error pop up window.

Step 8- Now to authorize the IP, make sure your device is connected to the same network.

Step 9- Click on the “Active streaming” option.

Step 10- After a few seconds you will get a pop up that will tell you “Your IP has been authorized for four hours”.

In this way, the error can be fixed. You can now enjoy watching your favorite Live TV Shows and videos for up to four hours. After four hours you will get a new IP address and should be connected to the vshare.eu pair.

Method 2- Disable Vshare.eu Pairing By Disabling Hosters With Captchas

Another method to solve the https://vshare.eu/pair stream authorization error is by disabling the Hoster with the captcha. This option is found in the Kodi media player and is done with the add-on settings of the player. A user is given the access to edit the settings related to the add-ons. To do this follow the steps.

Step 1- Open your Kodi home screen. Here you will see your favorite addon.

Step 2- Now Right click on it.

Step 3- It will show settings, metaliq etc. Now select Settings.

Step 4- Now select “PlayBack” option to get different options on its menu.

Step 5- You will see “Hosters With Captchas” option. You have to check whether it is disabled or not.

Step 6- If not then you must “Disable the Hosters with captchas” option.

So by simply disabling of hosters with captchas, you can stream your favorite videos on your Kodi.

Method 3- Configuring URL Resolver Method (Disable Vshare.eu Pairing Popup)

As compared to the second method this one is time-consuming. Using this method one can disable the hoster with captcha option for all of the Kodi add-ons. While utilizing the Kodi media players, the links are fetched by scarpers and are filtered. It is then resolved to re-direct the same to the original server. Using this one can block the service provider’s sites with the help of captcha.

Step 1- Launch your “Kodi Software”. Click on “Settings”

Step 2- Now get “System Settings’. “Click “on it

Step 3- Convert the “Settings Mode” into “Expert Mode”.

Step 4- Now select “Manage Dependencies” option under the “Add-ons” option

Step 5- A huge list will appear, from that list select “URL Resolver”.

Step 6- From that URL resolver select “Configure”

Step 7- Different hosters will appear on your screen.

Step 8- From them, select “VSHARE EU” and then “Disable” it.

You will see that you have completed your “Configuring URL resolver” procedure successfully. And can now enjoy your favorite videos on Kodi without getting any forcible servers issue.

Wrapping Up!

I hope that this guide on vshare.eu pair and how to fix http://vshare.eu/pair Error on Kodi will be of help to you.

So follow this tutorial and enjoy watching your favorite TC shows and movies without any hindrance on Kodi. It is one of the most common error while using vshare.eu/pair hence the methods mentioned are the most effective one to deal with it.

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