There are many ways by which you can fix Error on Kodi. Find out 3 Ways to Fix olpair, or Error.

If you are the avid Kodi user then you must be well aware of using video addon on Kodi. Kodi addons help in watching movies, TV shows, sports, etc. Sometimes when you try opening videos via add-ons like the Exodus, SALTS, etc. you get a list of server availability for streaming purpose. One such error is an openload server or error.

When you pair with Openload you can stream numerous Movies and TV Shows. But there you will see a new pop up arise on the top that asks for ‘openload pairing’.

Here you need to provide stream authority in it. The authorization errors come with a lot of names like “openload kodi error”, “ Kodi error message“, “openload stream authorization popup” and more.

So here in this article, you will get troubleshoot for received stream authorization error Error in Kodi, or popup message “Openload Stream Authorization Failed“. Let’s have a look at how to fix Kodi error.

What is

Openload and other such similar providers basically is a huge repository of free movies, shows, and videos. Wherever you find your popular on-demand apps and services it is obvious that they fetch the playback links from the Open load servers.

But these providers all you streaming for some limited and fixed time. And due to the high demand, they need to manage the traffic for which they start to authorize the IP of the users. This blocks the scripts and bots allowing only humans to get through. So if any user with an unauthorized IP address will want to access the content it will require you to verify yourself as a human before gaining access to the content library from respective providers. This lets them provide you with fast and reliable services getting you access to unlimited streaming content without any time restrictions.

Why do you get or Kodi error?

Technically if you see as such this is not an error at all. It is just a prompt or pop-up message that notifies you that you must first pair with the server in order to playback the content on Kodi. When you try to open openload supported addon link for watching the video, you will have to pair at Still one of the main reason for this error could be your IP address not authorized with the streaming provider.

Well, there are many different ways in which this Olpair or openload error can be solved.

How to fix Error in Kodi?

There are quite a few methods that will help you with error in Kodi. The methods are simple to perform and will surely solve the Error in Kodi.

1. Pair your IP address with the Olpair or server

This is one of the easiest ways to fix the error. All you need to do pair your IP address. Although it is a temporary solution that works only for a few hours in case you run into the error again simply repeat the process and pair the IP address again. Also for this in case you are using Latest 2020 VPN service then you need to turn it on from your device.

Step 1- Open any web browser on your device. Then go to

Step 2- A webpage will open that will have your IP address. This IP address is required to pair with their servers.

Step 3- Tap the checkbox labeled I’m not a robot. Once it is done you will see a green checkmark. This will complete the verification and will establish that you are a human

Step 4- Next you need to click the Pair button on the bottom.

Step 5- Wait for few minutes for pairing to complete. When it is done, you will see the following in your browser with the message pairing successful.

Well, that is all and you are done. Now you can return to the device where you are using Kodi by bypassing the issue. You are now free to play any movies, shows or videos from the server.

2. Fix error by Disabling Hosters with Captchas

This can be considered as the permanent solution for the addon that you wish to disable this setting. However, following this method will not get you the error but on the other hand, you will not be able to play the movies and shows from the Openload server. That is one kind of compromise that you need to go through while following this method.

Step 1- Open Kodi. Now go to Add-ons > Video addons.

Step 2- Right-click on the addon for which you want to disable this setting.

Step 3- You will now see the popup. Then open Settings.

Step 4- Choose Playback from the menu on the left and under the File Hosting Filters on the right select and disable Hosters with captchas.

Step 5- Finally click OK on the top-right of the popup to continue.

Now reopen the addon so that you can start streaming your favorite content. The Openload or will now no longer appear.

3. Configuring URL Resolver

URL Resolver is a script/ program that scraps all the available streams. Whatever addon you are using to stream the contents, the links are scraped by URL Resolver. So to control multiple addons configure URL Resolver is one of the best ways. And to block the openload site remove openload from the URL Resolver host list. Follow the steps to do so-

Step 1- From the top of Kodi homepage click on the settings icon.

Step 2- Select System settings. Then change the mode from standard to expert mode in the bottom left corner.

Step 3- Select the addon from the left menu. Then click on Manage dependency.

Step 4- Scroll down to click on URL Resolver.

Step 5- Click on the Configure icon. A menu will appear with a list of providers.

Step 6- Finally select openload server and disable it.

Now restart the Kodi and you can now enjoy streaming without any disturbances.

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Well, these are some of the ways through which you can solve and prevent openload stream authorization error. Try any of the methods to fix Error in Kodi and you will be able to enjoy streaming online video content from any Kodi addon.

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