This detailed article talks about how can you get free amazon gift cards vouchers. Know all the information about Amazon Gift Card generators.

Amazon does not need any introduction. It is a big name itself. Amazon has not the end when it comes to its products and offers. The official site is You must love shopping out for your essential and your favorites from this excellent shopping portal. But, if you are a shopping freak, you cannot have enough of your shopping. And, even if you are not, you must go for the gift cards service. Yes, amazon gift card code allows you to buy some unique items on the website for free in the exchange only.

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So, you should try some right ways to do the same. Furthermore, you should know that the gift cards are not only available for Amazon but other popular portals and websites too.

The gift cards can be bought with real money. Yes, you need to spend some real bucks to get the same but, we do not think that you should consider spending your money if there are some ways to get the gift cards for free, no? Now, we will be telling you some of the best possible ways to avail your free amazon gift cards that work in 2020.

Gift card codes are written on the gift can use these gift card codes to buy something on the Amazon portal. So, to get the free amazon gift card code, it is essential for you to buy the right and working gift cards. 

Websites to lookout for free amazon gift card code in 2020:

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There are so many applications as well as websites that promise you the free amazon gift cards, but of course, you cannot trust all of them. Many of these websites are nothing but a scam. All they do is to infect your device with malware and virus. So, be careful and research a little while selecting for the sites.


It is one of the most popular as well as the relevant cashback website. All you need to do is to shop for some grocery in the grocery stores and get your receipt scanned in this application. 

Start with downloading and installing the Ibotta application on your device. It is entirely free to do the same. Then, browse on the app looking for some real deals and cashback offers offered by various stores. After selecting your store, simply go there and shop. 

Now, you can take a photo of your receipt, and in exchange, you can get the reward. It is a straightforward and effective way. Grocery shopping is something that we all do regularly, and you can win a reasonable amount.


The site is quite similar to Swagbucks in its offers and working procedure. You will need to complete the tasks to earn points. If you buy via its affiliate, you will earn points. Furthermore, you will also be rewarded while watching videos and even reading emails. 

PayPal cash is another option that this site offers to redeem your points but, you can directly get your Amazon gift card in return of your earned points. 

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Swagbucks is quite popular and needs no introduction. But, in case you do not know, it is a website that offers you some real and fantastic gift cards in return for doing various tasks. The tasks include watching videos, playing games, promoting them to your friends, etc. you can also try participating in surveys conducted there. 

Not just this, you can also win by merely searching on their website. Yes, isn’t it great? Yes, you can earn by surfing only. So, do not forget to set Swagbucks as your default search engine. Also, there are several tasks associated with the number of points that are given so if you need more, just aim for the higher jobs. 


This is just another platform to earn some real gift cards for Amazon. Do you really have an opinion about various matters and affairs happening around? If yes, then this may work really great for you.

On this platform, you will be paid for sharing your personal opinions. But, this is not the end; other things are also there to participate. You can try participating in various surveys and watching online videos as well as playing games. None of these is a hectic task to do. 

Another idea is that you can also earn some points by referring the portal to your friends. Send the link and ask them to download the same. You are doing their promotion and earning rewards in return. 

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Opinion outpost

As the name suggests, you will need to complete the surveys to earn here. Just like any other website, you will be asked some questions, all you need to do is to answer them with complete honesty. Participating in these surveys is really easy. Sign up with your mil Id, or you can try with Facebook too. 

The website is reliable and much easier to use as compared to others competing for the same. 

Survey Junkie

With Survey Junkie, you can participate in loads of surveys. The website loves to conduct surveys daily, and this is nothing but an opportunity for you to win everyday. Complete the target of ten dollars to earn one gift card. And, for ten dollars, you need to make a thousand points for yourself. 

But, as they conduct their surveys daily, this is not so difficult for one to complete. 

online surveys


Indeed, a really excellent website where you will be paid some cashback after each time you complete a task with them. Also, daily challenges are quite exciting to win some real points. But, there are other things to do as well. Try watching videos and participating in various surveys conducted. After winning points, you can simply exchange them with gift cards. 


Another famous and popular name is MyPoints. You can participate in surveys. But, you can shop through their site to earn some points too. Yes, this can be called as an extra feature that is not generally seen in applications like these. 

After signing up, ten dollars will instantly be transferred to your account. Isn’t it awesome to just hear this? Yes, it does. Also, you can earn by testing the products at your home. This is a new as well as a rare feature. 


Another survey-based website is IPoll. When you sign up here, you will get five dollars instantly to your account. Here, you need to complete surveys and earn points. Every survey you participate will give you five dollars.   

The website is entirely legit to use and quite famous in users due to its trustworthy ideas and work. 


Add Bing to as your default search engine and earn. The procedure is the easiest of all. But, before doing the same, do not forget to register yourself with Bing Rewards. After the successful registration, every time you search, you will get points without any extra effort. 

The rewards are given in so many forms, and one of them is the Amazon gift card. But, since there are limits within the points that you can earn daily, it is quite easy to win. 

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These are some of the reliable websites that you can select when you want to go for free amazon gift card code online. These sites are popular and trustworthy as well as have a good reputation among their users. Shopping is fun, and it is more exciting when you have a gift card, so never lose a chance to redeem your earned points into the great amazon gift card code.


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