Entering into a warzone is never easy, no matter whether it is the real ground or the virtual one. Are you also obsessed with call of duty, and want to slay in the game whenever you enter the warzone? We are sharing a few tips and tricks below which are going to help you perform the best in the game. Mostly they call of duty game is all about shooting the storm up, but from time to time there are different developments in-game that need a different approach to get through. Though one can get the real experience when they are actually in the game, and the more you practice the more you learn. This guide is not to make you a pro in the game, but to prepare you for the game.

If you want to learn more tips, SideGamer is the place for you to be at. To begin with, make sure you have these tricks in your mind whenever you are in the game, and these will surely make it easier for you.

Byheart the map

When you are in the warzone, it is important that you have the entire map by heart. Which is the right place to camp, where is the blind corner, and above all, one should at least have a good understanding of all the common routes. If you know well which route you want to take, and which route your enemy is going to take, this will make it super easy for you to take the correct steps at the right time. Learning the map anyways helps the player throughout the game.

Keep your guns upgraded

If you have played warzone before, you must be knowing how every weapon in the game has the option of upgrading with the new skins and the attachments as well. One needs to be really careful with the skin of the weapon as it makes the weapon look interesting. Even above the weapons, it is important to keep the guns upgraded as the guns with some developed attachments will help you win the war. Hence, for a slaying performance, never underestimate the power of an upgraded weapon.

Be alert with your six

If you are in the CoD game, you can never avoid the people/enemies chasing you. Every player has a lot of equipment like field mics or the spy planes in order to keep a check on the rear while the match is on. Whenever you are taking a new step in the game, it is recommended to stop for a while and have a look at the route behind and the route ahead, as you never know where the chancers are exactly placed in this game. Being a little alert in the game is definitely going to help you win.

Sound could be a great help

Though the game has a feature where you can sight far away from your location, in some situations, where the eyes couldn’t help, ears come to your rescue. You just have to ensure that your ears are open at all times. You can also use your ears to judge the movement of your enemies as the sound of their footsteps is clearly audible. When you are alert at all times and make the right use of equipment like field mics, You are definitely going to perform extraordinarily in the game.

Keep an eye on the objective location

There is no mention of the objective location in the game because there is no particular location called the objective location, but you can always keep an eye and observe where you see most of the dog tags. Usually, that is the right hotspot for the fight or what you call the objective location. Being there will not only help you to achieve more kills, but you might also win the game.

Multiplayer games are indeed fun when you have a squad that plays Call of Duty- Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer game well to embrace victory. If you want to grow as a pro gamer, you will surely find the above tips highly useful. Therefore, include all the tips in your gaming strategy and improve your gameplay.

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