The rapid development of wooden housing construction gives rise to new technologies and the emergence of modern building materials in this industry. Not so long ago, Austrian specialists created a new promising material — CLT panels. Cross laminated timber represent perpendicularly glued multi-layered wooden panels, which provides the material with high strength and excellent geometry accuracy of the manufactured panels.

Basics and benefits

Cross-laminated timber is layers of solid wood glued together at right angles to each other by pressure. As a result of this process, prefabricated panels are created, which have a stable design and size. These panels are used for the creation of buildings, including floors, walls, and roofs, and serve as both structural and finishing elements.

Cross-laminated wood is a very versatile material suitable for any type of construction that uses wood. CLT panels can be the main structural component for the construction of not only residential buildings but also any other public buildings, such as schools, hospitals, sports, or shopping centers, and can also be structural elements of other structures, such as bridges.

The construction technology using CLT wood panels is also actively used in cases of renovation or additional superstructures or extensions, for example, when adding floors.

Benefits of this material:

  • Environmentally friendly material, possible secondary processing;
  • Low carbon footprint;
  • Panels reduce construction time;
  • Requires shorter training for installers;
  • It saves the resources of the planet. Panels can be made from trees of relatively small diameter, affected by insects and diseases, which otherwise would not be used;
  • In case of fire, as a rule, they retain their load-bearing capacity longer than ordinary wood.

Cross-laminated timber reduces on-site labor costs and can be efficiently assembled at different sites. That is why this is an excellent solution for building structures in remote or densely populated cities where storage space is limited.

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