Medical conditions have been on a rise due to pollution and erratic lifestyles. However, grown-ups are not the only ones who fall ill. Newborn babies are highly prone to infections like malaria, dengue, swine flu, etc., because their immunity is only at a developing stage. Moreover, thanks to ever-soaring pollution, kids easily develop allergies today. In fact, children are energetic and curious beings.

Tiny toddlers are curiously tactile beings, they try to explore the wonders of this world through touch. However, it also means, they touch everything that piques their interest without paying any heed to hygiene. And we all know the consequences of not following hygiene measures since March 2020. So, let’s answer the commonly asked question:

Do Children Need Health Insurance?

Yes. Children need health insurance because even they are susceptible to infections and illnesses. A lot of children require frequent medical attention due to low immunity at a growing age. Moreover, kids are most likely to be careless at the playground and face injuries that require hospitalization. Still not convinced if your child needs a health insurance plan? Let’s understand the importance of child health insurance plans:

Importance of Child Health Insurance Plans

Kids are More Likely to Fall Sick

The immune system of a child improves with their overall growth. So, a kid’s immunity is weak as compared to an adult. Hence, the chances of a child contracting infectious diseases like viral, malaria, chikungunya, etc. are higher. Even minor health conditions like cough and cold or a hairline fracture can turn into something serious if the right treatment is not administered. Generally, decisions related to medical procedures are influenced by the individual’s financial capacity. However, with health insurance plans for families and children, you can rest assured that medical costs will be taken care of by your insurer, allowing you to make a decision based on the quality and efficacy of a treatment.

Kids Need More Medical Attention

Since the immune system of a child is weak, they need to visit a medical practitioner on a regular basis. Moreover, kids socialize with people in their age group, so if a kid from their playschool catches a cold, your bundle of joy will probably fall sick too. However, fret not! The frequency of falling sick reduces as they grow older. A health insurance plan helps you cover medical expenses if and when your child falls ill, helping you protect your finances.

Dental Care Can be Expensive

As children are always out playing with their friends, they are exposed to dental injuries. Be it playing football with friends or bicycling in the building complex, children are highly prone to falling and sustaining injuries. That doesn’t mean, as parents, you stop your kids from having fun during their playtime. In fact, you should cover your child’s medical expenses with health insurance and encourage extracurriculars. You can also buy a health insurance plan for your family to cover yourself, your spouse, and your kids under one plan. It is a hassle-free way of safeguarding the entire family against medical emergencies.

Ensures Quality Healthcare

Individuals of every age group require quality treatment during serious medical conditions. However, it costs an arm and leg. Hence, a lot of people resort to mediocre healthcare services. Health insurance ascertains that you do not make a decision based on your financial capabilities. You can opt for the best treatment knowing that your insurance provider has got your back.

Cashless Treatments

The cashless treatment feature allows you to avail of medical treatments without spending a single penny. All you have to do is visit the nearest network hospital that is associated with your insurer. Once the treatment is over, your insurance provider will settle the bill on your behalf.


We follow the best regime to take care of ourselves by eating healthy and taking care of hygiene and daily habits, however, having a health policy helps in tackling any financial stress during unforeseen situations. With an adequate health insurance plan, you can also monitor your kids’ health development. It will allow you to take your children for regular medical screening. However, you must note that picking the right insurer and insurance is imperative. An inconsiderate company and insufficient plan might pour your savings down the drain. Ensure yourself, ensure your child and keep financial setbacks at an arm’s length.

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