SEO in 2020 is going to be something different, with specialists bringing the best of innovation in the latest tips like voice search optimization and snippet baits. Everyone seems to be moving so fast with technology in as far as digital marketing is concerned.

You can increase domain authority in SEO in the following ways:

Publishing research content

A website will attract all sorts of readership, especially if it has rich and expert content. Some internet users that may be attracted include but not limited to other bloggers, journalists, and researchers too. Remember, these groups of people love data and, most specifically, well-researched data. It would, therefore, help if you hooked this category of readers by publishing at least two research content per month, or ten per year.

When you publish about six research articles every quarter, you shall be assured of not only new backlinks but also hundreds of unique daily visitors and much more social media shares. Well, you know the power of backlinks, and the more robust they are, the higher the organic that your website will drive.

Creating Visual Content ( Concept Visuals)

The use of visual content is growing pretty fast, and with social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, you should expect the application to increase in the coming years. Concept visuals have been used since time immemorial by content marketers, only that you should now do it differently and with elaborate creativity.

For instance, you can create a visual chart or graphics that show the process of using a magento 2 gift card on your website to give users a seamless, secure purchase experience. Moreover, most sites will make use of your concept visuals, which still leads back to building a robust network of backlinks.

Pruning zombie pages

Unfortunately, when setting up a website, most people tend to collect much content, which is not wrong. Still, the content, later on, turns out to have zero impact on organic traffic generation or negligible value to the readers.

While most websites will assume zombie pages, you must monitor the activity of every page daily to come up with a formidable monthly report that will help in deciding what to prune. Pruning doesn’t have to be necessarily deleting the already available content, but you can also consolidate them into in-depth guides. However, note that some pages will call for deletion.

Video optimization

Everyone, including most SEO experts, is expecting video traffic to be the next big Google gold mine in the next two years. And remember, it may still not be able to meet up with whatever video quantity consumers need to watch in as far as videos are concerned.

In other words, if you really want the best for your website, then you should be learning how to use video optimization, to improve on SEO in 2020, and years to come. Remember, Google uses your title, description, and tags to figure out what a video is all about and how it is related to the website to rank it in SERPs.

Uploading videos on a YouTube channel is one thing, but getting it optimized for viewing across all platforms is another thing. Subscribers and new visitors must also feed on a word to word understanding of the content of the video, and therefore a video caption may not be enough. Consequently, it would be best that you also provide a transcript for all videos.

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