Travel apps are the best planning helpers that save your time and money before and during the trip. Discounts, interesting points on the road, picking up the destination aimed at your time and budget – functions are very varied and useful.

Here you will find information about the seven favorite travel apps for every goal: a solo wellness retreat, road trip, or sudden decision to get away for a short weekend with friends or family. It has never been so easy and profitable to have a fantastic vacation anywhere you go. 

RENTAL24H Car Rental App

Are you looking for a stylish, luxurious auto for a work trip or a spacious vehicle for a big family journey? This car rental app provides available vehicles for rent in one click with automatic rates comparison in 990 companies worldwide. Bonuses include free cancellation, great discounts of up to 45%, and absolutely no card fees. 

If you start early preparation for a road trip in a big group, there’s a sense to visit a car rental aggregator site and consider a 12-seater van for rent, spacious auto with a roomy cab. By the way, you can regulate the seats as the situation requires, for more passengers or more bags. 

And what’s good, no one will lose personal belongings, and nobody gets lost as it happens in public transport. 12-passenger car rental is a safe and practical option, convenient for long hours on the road. Renting a van, you get a wide range of facilities to make the trip go smoothly. 


Planning a road trip requires effort, and it would be so long and meaningless to use only a map. Check the roadside attractions, hotels, and other fascinating stops along the way before you start making bookings and see the appropriate options. Moreover, you can collaborate with friends and family to discover places and plan together.

In-app navigation will lead you to suitable directions, joining the route with 7 waypoints in the free version and 150 in the upgraded Roadtrippers Plus with advanced features.


Chatting with locals will drown you into the atmosphere entirely and give you the right impression of the destination. This app helps out to find a person with the same interests who becomes a friend and guide for a day or two. Meetup is the most popular in New York and San Francisco but generally covers all the states and has over 40 million users around the world. 

Making new friendships is easy and pleasant, especially if you travel alone. The pricing policy works for groups and organizers up to $20 per month without restrictions. Individual use is free. 


Excellent trip planner, full of the necessary information. You only have to send verification mail to the address to get a detailed free master doc of any trip with permanent access, even without an Internet connection.

Investing in a trip right at the beginning is the way to eliminate accidents and problems immediately. The extended version provided by the premium service includes refund notifications, real-time flight alerts, rewarding programs, tipping etiquette for 180 countries, and many others in four different subscription plans. 


Hopper specializes in searching for cheap flights and accommodation for every date you wish. The app defines the dates and analyzes millions of prices, which helps you to know how to act better – book now or wait a bit. 

It is a good hack for a tight budget because if the cost is still expensive, the Hopper advises staying turned and putting aside the phone until the rate drops – you will get a notification later.


No one is safe from emergencies, and sometimes it is necessary to make a solution at the last minute. Sometimes plans go wrong but don’t panic, because nowadays it is possible to find a room nearby in a short time. HotelTonight filters hot offers for requests that you should state: dates, location, number of guests, pets, and additional facilities like a fitness center or spa. This app proposes prices lower by 10-17% than Kayak and Tripadvisor. And also can be used for booking in advance. 


A perfect trip is when you always know what to do, where to stay, and how to behave in every situation. Have a good time! 

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