With more and more people working from home today, it has become increasingly important to find ways to connect with one another. In addition, speaking with vendors, giving presentations to stakeholders, and holding demonstrations for customers or clients is more cost-effective to do online. There are some great conferencing software packages that can be utilized for this purpose. Multiple participants will be able to log on at a certain time and take part in the meeting. It is a wonderful way to connect, be educated, and stay engaged all at the same time. As you consider this option, here are five features to consider when setting up an online conference.

Ability to Record

There are many meetings and presentations that you would like to capture and playback at a later time. Perhaps you have some people who were unable to attend live. A recording is a great way to allow them to benefit from the topic of the meeting at a time and place of their choosing. If you do not need to record a particular meeting, you will always be able to turn that feature off.

Number of Participants Allowed

If you feel that you will need the room for dozens or even hundreds of people to attend a conference now or in the future, then that is something that you will want to consider. Take a look at the features of the company that you are looking at and learn how many participants are allowed to take part in a meeting at any one time. You will also want to have the ability to hold tollfree conference calls for those attendees who are otherwise unable to join via a video connection.

Chat Functionality

Since only one person at a time will be speaking during an online conference, you will want to have a way for everyone to get involved behind the scenes. A chat feature is essential to make that happen. Comments can be made, questions asked, and so much more. Make sure that the program you are considering has this feature.

Easy to Customize

Since every organization is different, you will want your conferencing software to represent your unique footprint. You will also have specific needs when it comes to particular meetings that you are hosting. Make sure that you can customize your online conference to reflect that.

Ability to Share Computer Screen

There are times when you need to show your participants what you are talking about. The best way to do that online is to share your computer screen. Make sure that you can do exactly that.

These are five of the more helpful features that you will want to make sure are included with the online conferencing solution that you select. With these activated, your meeting will be a success no matter what type of venue you select. You might just be meeting with one colleague or a hundred trainees. The principle is still the same, so integrate a conferencing solution today and start to enjoy the benefits.

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