Us humans have had a very long and complex relationship with the concept of gambling, it is something that has been a part of our society since pretty much the start of civilization, and recent archaeological discoveries made in China have proved this.

Remnants of gambling material were found dating back several thousand years, exemplifying our long and fascinating love of different gambling games. Over the past two decades, however, this has been intensified massively, and the reason? Online slots UK, of course!

Slot machines were a huge reason behind the success of the brick and mortar casino industry in the 20th century, however nowadays the arrival of online slots has sent things onto a completely new level.

Online slot gambling is by far the most popular type of casino gambling, mainly because of the strides made in slot technology by developers like Big Time Gaming. But did you know about free online slots? Read on for some different ways to play slots for free.

The basics of free online slots

First off, let’s just run through the basics of free online slots, as most people would have gone straight for the real money slots when they first entered the industry. Free online slots are essentially exactly what they say they are – online slots that can be played for free. It’s quite simple really, but one major thing to remember is that you typically cannot win any money from playing free online slots.

But anyway, that shouldn’t be surprising – how do you expect to win any money if you are not wagering any bets? Free online slots have been around for at least the last decade, with there being a few free slots coming out at the start of the 21st century too, when the industry was just getting on its feet. 

Key positives of free online slots

They might sound boring at first, but free online slots do actually have quite a few positives to them:

  • Practice bonus rounds for free: Slot bonus rounds are where the biggest wins are to be made in the modern slots industry, but far too many gamblers waste these opportunities simply because they don’t know the ins and outs. With free slots you can practice bonus rounds for free, and then win them when you play with real money!
  • Indispensable for gambling addicts: Gambling addiction is something that we all have to be wary of, because you never know when it might afflict you. Free slots have proven themselves to be invaluable for recovering addicts, as it lets them enjoy the slots experience, but without actually gambling.

Some negatives to playing free online slots

Free slots can be great, but they can also be a bit of a drag for these reasons:

  • You cannot win money from free online slots: In most cases you can forget about jackpots with free slots.
  • Lull you into complacency: If you jump straight from a free slot to a paid slot you might find you are taking a few too many risks.

Where to find free online slots

Free online slots can be played on various online casino platforms, as well as blog sites and even social media.

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