The logistics performance is known as the key to distribution success. A well-functioning warehouse receives and packs the stock efficiently and then distributes it to customers easily.

Do you know that you can certainly improve the logistics operations more efficiently to increase your profit? There are certain ways through which one can increase productivity and enhance the warehouse functions to improve the overall logistics performance. Here are a few ways.

Choose the right picking strategy for the operations.

It is essential to select the right picking strategy since the faster your employees pick the order, the better the business. There are various methods you can adapt to this. Task interleaving is known as an advanced strategy that helps to combine multiple tasks in a single trip to the warehouse. You can also include batch picking, wave picking, and zone picking to maximize the picking time of the operatives.

Batch picking is beneficial for stocking the small items in the warehouse. Wave picking is useful for companies with a larger number of SKUs while zone picking is suitable for larger operations. Another way to ensure more orders is to get the order out on time through any of the approaches. There are various consultancies like Cario that help to introduce the dynamic picking experience for your warehouse.

Optimize the warehouse layout

An optimal warehouse layout is known as the key to maximizing productivity. You always need your products to be assigned to the right position. Business intelligence is the vital factor that helps to discover well-selling products. The fast-moving stock needs to be accessible so that the operations are not spending too much time traversing the warehouse.

A warehouse needs to react according to change in sales velocity. A flexibility strategy needs to be adopted if the products are more popular. Here you can move the product in and out as per the prime picking positions based on the requirement. There are certain strategies one can look for. The first one is to look at the slotting, which can identify the product lines that need to be placed in the warehouse. The second one is cross-docking, which can be employed for fast-moving items.

Choose robotics and Technology.

Robotics and Technology can help to speed up and automate the process within a warehouse. Here you get an option of employing the voice picking wherein the handsfree operations will be implemented for more productivity. Voice control can help determine automatically rather than checking the notes and checking off the items manually.

Labor-saving robots are known to operate 24 x 7 without taking any breaks. Here you do not need any fully automated warehouse. Robots can help you with various tasks like transporting the bins to pickers etc. They can also take care of taking the replenishment stock to the operatives for putaway.

There are several other technologies like transport management, WMS, and multi-carrier management. These are integrated into a single platform which helps to enhance the warehouse process. This also helps to have full visibility of the overall warehouse operations.

Use forecasting and stock planning software.

Balancing varying demands can be a tricky task. But having the right amount of stock can help you to ensure the customer demands are met. Stock planning and forecasting help to bring significant improvement in the overall warehouse operations and helps to streamline the stock management.

You can also automate the planning, replenishment, optimization, and forecasting with the help of software. It can help to improve stock availability and reduce stock holding to increase sales.

Set and measure the KPI’s

It is important to assess the performance and set targets to improve the overall functions and operations of the warehouse. It is also important to measure how things are going. You can use seven core KPIs to track the performance of the warehouse. This helps to provide a holistic view of overall logistics performance, and ensures timely delivery of products.

These are some of the basic ways that you can incorporate to improve your logistics department’s overall operations and management. There could be some changes in a few of the strategies depending upon the industry.

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