More than 90% of individuals marry before they reach the age of 50. While marriage is an exciting phase in one’s life, the first step is to ask the crucial question.

It’s a thrilling experience to ring shopping for an engagement ring. You need to pick a classic piece that conveys your real sentiments for them. Engagement ring Melbourne offers stunning traditional and modern selections, including colored gemstone engagement rings for dramatic and striking statement pieces lovers. Here are seven considerations to consider as you prepare to drop down on your knees and speak the four magical words.

  1. Jewelry preferences of your partner

What do you think your spouse should wear? Diamonds, rubies, or sapphires, perhaps? Examine their jewelry collection to see what kind of stone, setting, and color they prefer. You may also ask one of her close friends to help you identify her style and preferences.

  1. The size of her ring

Though it may appear to be a minor consideration, the ring size is crucial. Depending on the design of the ring, resizing it afterward may be challenging. You may act sly and make a clay imprint using a template from her jewelry collection.

If you don’t already know the size of your soulmate’s ring, then the last option is to steal one of her previous rings and get it measured by a jeweler. It’s worth noting that the left and right hands might differ by up to a half finger size, which can be readily corrected after the ring is provided.

  1. Sapphire? Diamond? Ruby?

The typical gemstone for engagement rings is a diamond. It has a MOH of ten, making it the most challenging material known to man, with unparalleled brightness and fire. It can survive daily usage and still look gorgeous after years of use. This has always been the most popular stone for engagement rings. Sapphires and rubies are other popular choices, with hardness levels second only to diamonds.

Opals, for example, are not suitable for engagement rings since they might dry out and shatter with regular usage and are better reserved for special occasions. Cultured and natural pearls can absorb liquids and discolor. Several micrometres of nacre diamond-shaped calcium carbonate crystals, also known as mother-of-pearl, cover the surface of cultured pearls, which will dissolve and lose their luster in five to ten years.

  1. The 4c’s

If you’re working with diamond rings, keep in mind the 4Cs rule of thumb: clarity, color, carat, and cut. The Gemological Institute of America created these qualities to produce a grading system that defines the grade of the diamond to be put on the ring. To learn more about the essential data of the stone you’re buying, get a GIA certificate.

  1. Preferred condition

The number of prongs utilized and how they interact with the centerpiece are critical in anchoring the stone. A prong setting allows the diamond’s brightness and beauty to shine through. Paved settings use tiny beads to hold the diamonds in place as they travel down the metal ring. Consult jewelers about the many styles accessible in their inventory.

  1. Band of metal

The engagement ring features a metal band that holds the spectacular stone in place, while your selected gemstone is the focal point. Instead of platinum, you might choose yellow gold or white gold. Platinum rings are often thicker and more substantial. Other popular metals for brides-to-be are titanium, palladium, and rose gold.

  1. Budget

Let’s be honest. The majority of engagement rings are not inexpensive. You might need to make a budget to discover a stunning piece that your spouse will cherish for the rest of their lives. The ring, however, does not require you to go into debt to purchase it. Most, if not all, jewelers provide flexible financing alternatives, making the once-expensive ring appear more reasonable.


When it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring, you may have to step outside of your comfort zone. The suggestions above might assist you in finding the perfect band for your proposal. Are you prepared to start looking for engagement rings in Knoxville, Tennessee? You may choose from an extensive range of diamond rings at Marksman’s Diamonds & Fine Jewellery.

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