This week HBO’s drama series His Dark Materials episode 8 will take you to the end of the road. Yes, you read it right. The big finale is here! The previous episode has gotten everyone excited and it is becoming difficult to control the anticipation. After all, when once the episode concludes, the fans will be left with nothing but to think about the aftermath for the next several months.

In the last episode, we got to look at the fight between Lorek and Lofur while Lyra reunited with her father, Lord Asriel. The sigh of relief came on finding that Lee Scoresby has survived the attack. But what will happen now? Where will the final episode of the season end?

So to know all the details check out the upcoming His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 8 spoilers and His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 7 Written Update.

His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 7 Recap- “The Fight to the Death”

In the last episode, we witnessed that Lyra survives the fall, being captured by an armored bear and taken to Lofur Raknison’s palace in Svalbard. She was successful in convincing Iofur that she is an artificial daemon, created for Lorek by scientists at Bolvangar. And to claim this she persuades him to fight Iorek in single combat.

His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 7 Written Update- Lyra In Trouble

Lorek decided to fight and killed Iofur who then gets badly injured. Lorek reunites Lyra with Roger who then travels to Asriel’s laboratory. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Mrs. Coulter, Father MacPhail, and the Magisterium’s soldiers head for Svalbard to find and kill Asriel. Elsewhere, it was seen that Scoresby and Hester have crash-landed while Serafina arrives to inform them that the others are safe but Lyra needs their help.

His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 7 Previous Episode- Lyra Reunites with Asriel

Lyra and Asriel get reunited. Meanwhile, Boreal reaches to the alternate World and visits Elaine Parry but is reluctant to share information about John Parry. Towards the end, Will kills Thomas in self-defense and runs away.

His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 8 Spoilers Alert- “Betrayal”

What we know for the finale is that Lyra will have to make some enormous decisions. As per the preview video of the finale, it shows that the long and much-awaited war between the two sides will finally begin.

According to the official synopsis, Lyra will get to learn about Lord Asriel’s rebellion and will help him fight, as the Magisterium closes in with its forces, but this will come at a great personal cost for her. Although her relationship with her father Asriel has been a roller-coaster ride it would be another big part to watch out her equation with him

His Dark Materials Season 1 Upcoming Episode 8- Iorek Byrinson is Back

Another preview shows that Lord Asriel will be seen assuring someone off-screen that this is a war they are in. On the other hand, Mrs. Coulter is aware that Lord Asriel will be waiting for them when they attack. However, Father MacPhail seems confident of winning the battle and their victory for he knows they have enough firepower for the assault along with belief in their cause.

Iorek Byrinson will also be back in “His Dark Materials” episode 8. He and his army of polar bears will face the forces from the Magisterium. Further, there will be seen an interaction taking place between Lord Asriel and Lyra revealing details about his plans with his research about Dust to the girl.

His Dark Materials Season 1 Finale- Is there any Season 2 expected?

Since the latest finale episode is going to be the finale, the fans can definitely expect the dramatic turn of events that can make a setup of the plot for the next season.

The storyline for the season 1 will wrap up with the Northern Lights, while the second season will entirely focus on the events taking place in The Subtle Knife. And we expect the finale to bring Lyra and Will face to face.

Wrapping UP!

‘His Dark Materials’ Episode 8 is all set to air on BBC One on December 22 at 8 pm in the UK, and on December 23 at 9 pm ET on HBO in the USA.


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