Hybrid solar systems can be understood by the fact that they have the qualities of both off-grid and on-grid solar power systems, as they are connected to the mains as well as can use hybrid solar batteries to empower the house for later use.

If we talk about a few decades back then the meaning of hybrid energy system was considered as a system which has two sources of electricity generation, solar power + wind power for example. But with time, the meaning of the hybrid system has been changed. A hybrid solar power system is now a solar system that can take the electricity from the mains as well provides you backup when there is a blackout in the area.

Is going totally Off-grid good?

In contrast to a hybrid solar system that can draw electricity from both the battery and the grid, when you’re fully off the grid, you’ll just have a backup battery to keep your energy demand going. If you want total control over your power generation, an off-grid solar system may be appealing, but you’ll need to be very careful with energy management and power use to ensure that your backup battery never runs out.

If you use your saved battery power more than required or there is bad weather for a few days and your solar panels don’t generate enough electricity, the grid connection will assist supply power until you can start generating your own again with a hybrid solar energy system.

A solar system that is not connected to the grid delivers power at all times. A battery storage system and an inverter are required for an off-grid solar system to do this. An inverter is used to convert DC from the batteries to AC. Traditionally, battery systems must be updated every ten years.

Hybrid Solar Batteries are necessary for a fully effective off-grid solar system and contribute to the cost and upkeep of the system. As a result, grid-connected solar systems are usually less expensive and easier to set up.

How does a Hybrid Battery Storage system beneficial?

All of this is achievable thanks to Solar PV Hybrid Inverters. During an installation or when your present inverter approaches the end of its life, we may install Hybrid Inverters instead of a regular inverter.

An intelligent Hybrid solar battery system can help you reduce your reliance on the Grid even further. Solar panels energy from the sun when most people’s energy demands are at their lowest. Hybrid Battery Storage solutions from one of the best solar companies in India, Loom Solar enables you to store energy until your family requires it, saving you even more money.

Hybrid solar battery storage can cost you much more than normal battery storage but you will reach your ROI much faster with the money you will save on your electricity bills.

The utility grid functions as a virtual battery, requiring no maintenance or replenishment and providing substantially higher efficiency. Grid-connected systems are not protected against power outages. Grid-connected systems will not function if the electrical grid fails. This helps utility workers to securely repair electrical lines instead of wasting time identifying solar energy systems that are still supplying electricity to the grid.

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