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Many students struggle with essay writing. After all, they need to ensure the essay is well structured and they have to rely on academic writing. Although these things all fall into their place with practice, there is still a tone of research students need to do.

Now there are those who genuinely love the idea of getting better at this and who want to learn how to write better essays. However, there are lots of students who just need help to hand in the assignment and be done with it. We will go over some suggestions that both groups might find useful.

Online Courses

This is one of the most common ways people use to tackle their gaps in skill and knowledge. Given how essay writing is a prevalent problem there are numerous online courses that deal with this issue. You can pick a course tailored to your preference or current skill level, which makes this an almost great solution. Moreover, these are not live lectures so you can organize these lessons in accordance with your schedule

Still, this is not an ideal solution, mainly because it takes too long to complete the course. So, you already have an assignment, completing the course is not likely to help you meet the deadline. Therefore, you might want a more time-efficient approach.

Essay Writing Services

If you need to see how it’s done, or if you just need someone to do all your heavy lifting, simply use any essay writing service that you can find online. This is a legit business model or career path that many academics are pursuing. Those with the best reviews from all over the world are the ones who have subject matter experts writing the essay. If you only need help meeting the deadline for your assignment there is no better solution.

For those who wish to fine-tune their skills, this is decent but not ideal. Certainly, it’s useful to see what a finished product looks like and do a comparative analysis of your and their work. Unfortunately, you get little to no insight into the whole production process let’s say. In other words, you won’t be able to extract meaningful inputs, all of the time.

Private Tutor

One thing courses lack is a personalized approach, which is arguably one of the best ways to learn new things. A private tutor can give you the attention and direction you need which can lead to significant improvements. Perhaps one of the course creators or essay writers for hire is also available for private lessons. Therefore, feel free to reach out to them. The good thing about tutors is that they can give you lessons while helping you work on your current assignment.

Ask Your Professor

College professors have office hours and they are going to be thrilled to see you. They find it positive when someone shows extra interest. They might not give you the same attention as the private tutor, but these extra lessons are free, and they always appreciate that someone is willing to put in additional effort.

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