PDF files are convenient, but the format makes data mergers complicated. While Mac users can join files together via Preview, Windows has no native tools for the task. You need to choose between online services and third-party apps. Can you merge documents seamlessly for free?

The merger of PDF can be simple or advanced depending on your needs. Some users need to join two files together. Others want to fine-tune the output, making it secure or easier to navigate. When you merge PDF files using the CoolUtils tool, its flexible features are free for the first 30 days. Here is why such offline software is the most preferable.

Online Services Are Far From Perfect

Google ‘how to merge PDF’, and you will see countless websites with online services. They allow you to upload files (sometimes, as many as you like) and have them joined together by the system. The resulting PDF file is either emailed or downloaded to your device.

The procedure is simple: choose the documents, rearrange them and click the merger button. Such online tools are usually free. On the downside, there are also a few caveats.

  • The files must be uploaded to the website, which can put your data at risk.
  • Customization is almost non-existent (you can only rearrange the files).
  • The quality of the result may vary.
  • You still need a paid desktop software to adjust the contents.

The Best Solutions: Windows and Mac

On Windows, you can merge as many files as you like with impressive flexibility. There are versatile tools that have a user-friendly interface and a convenient wizard to help you fine-tune the output. Some of the most popular features for office allow you to:

  • create a clickable table of contents;
  • add bookmarks automatically or from a file;
  • add page counters;
  • create headers and footers;
  • add a watermark to protect the contents;
  • create a password to prevent unauthorized access;
  • set user permissions;
  • insert audio files (mp3);
  • add bates numbering for e-discovery;
  • and more.

This tool is irreplaceable for the generation of complex documents. Reports, presentations, and electronic books may all be created easily and fast. No data will be shared online, and you can encrypt the PDF to protect its contents. The program has a trial period, which allows you to use it for 30 days.

PDF Merger on Mac

On this system, PDF merger is possible via a native tool. Open the ‘Preview’ program (or use the Finder window to search for it). Then, open one of the PDF files, go to the ‘File’ menu and activate the thumbnail view. Then, drag any other documents into the sidebar to have the data combined. This happens automatically, and you can rearrange the files as you see fit.

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