New sportsbooks are emerging all the time, and their promotion strategies are more and more aggressive. This trend is hardly surprising. Since the coronavirus pandemic caused lockdowns around the world, the interest in gambling has been surging. Bookies are continuously expanding their offerings and partnerships to capitalize on the changes. If you are thinking of launching your own website, act fast.

One of the biggest advantages of the sportsbook models is that you do not have to build a website from scratch. Modern sportsbook software providers offer the whole package on a turnkey basis. This means you get a fully functional platform customized to your brand. Here is what these services include.


Ready for Launch

The platform will come with all the necessary features, including payment systems and support. At the same time, it will also be customizable. You can add or remove options later under your brand’s vision and evolution. All bets will be monitored by professionals around the clock. This means your risks are minimized.

Flexible Payments

To meet the needs of a large audience, you should have a multifaceted payment system. It will also be incorporated into your white label site. The users will be able to make deposits via credit and debit cards, electronic wallets, bank transfers, etc. As such software skeletons have been tested extensively, you can be sure the transactions will be smooth.

Simple Licensing

This is the most daunting stage of sportsbook development. Fortunately, white-label firms make it as straightforward as possible. There is no need for a legal team or loads of paperwork. You may obtain a license directly from the developer and change it in the future. It is even possible to create a bunch of brands and license them just as easily.

Flexible Choice of Events

The more types of sports, tournaments, and events you support — the broader your potential audience and the bigger the projected revenue. Popular betting sites accept thousands of wagers daily. Here, diversification is just as important as in finance — investors and bookmakers spread their risks over a range of markets.

Add Casino Games

By adding casino games to the mix, you will enlarge your audience immensely. White label firms can integrate software from the biggest iGaming brands like Microgaming. This guarantees increased interest and profits. You can get the best of both worlds with little effort.

Viable Business Model

Now, when the interest in online gambling is higher than ever, creating a betting site is a reasonable choice. Take advantage of white label solutions to get a fully featured product quickly. As you can see, entering this industry is easier than ever. Even licensing is almost effortless!

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