Many people throughout the world rely on PDFs to meet their daily school or work requirements. Do you need to submit a crucial research paper to your college instructor? Or maybe you have a big presentation at the office and need your document to be ready by the big day? Yes, you would need your files in PDF format if that is the scenario.

But what if you have so many PDF documents that you don’t know how they can be included in your important master file? That is where comes to the rescue.

Use This Great Tool from

You may have to learn how to merge pdf if you will make sense of those multiple PDFs. Yes, you know that it wasn’t intentional to come up with so many files saved as PDFs. But now, what should you do? Here are the steps you need to follow to combine many PDFs into one:

Find a Strong Internet Signal

This means you have to go where the signal is strong and stable. If you are in your study room at home, check the Internet access icon on your laptop or desktop. If you are in the office, your company’s Internet access should be robust there. If all you’re getting is an intermittent signal, that will hinder you from accessing the cloud service.

Use a Gadget That Functions on That Internet Signal

The good news for many is that you are not limited to just a laptop or a desktop computer for this to work. You can use a tablet or even a smartphone to carry out the merge PDF task. Just make sure your gadget has the PDF files or can access them readily.

Use Any Operating System on Your Computer

This is a lifesaver for many because some systems only work on specific operating systems. But with, you need not hunt for operating systems to download. The cloud service will function whether you’re on Linux, Windows, or Macintosh.

Check if You Can Access the Website

In some areas, the website might not be accessible. So it is important to see if you can reach in your location. If yes, continue with the task.

Look for the PDFs in Your Gadget

This refers to the actual PDFs that you want to merge. You may be using the Anonymous version, which means you can arrange each file in a certain order that you want them combined. Those using the paid-for PRO version of will even be able to select individual pages to arrange in a specific order.

Select or Drag and Drop Each File into the File Selector Field

You can now click on Combine, or Merge PDF, and wait for the tool to do as you command.

Download the Merged PDF

Once the task has been done, you need to download your brand new merged PDF into your gadget for saving. Oh, and you can also share it with others.

Who Would Benefit from Merging PDFs?

Mostly white-collar workers and students would find it convenient to have this nifty tool from But the tool can readily be used by anyone who has ever needed a PDF document. After all, even blue-collar workers may be working students who work at their day job and attend night classes online.

Homemakers may also qualify as ideal users of this tool. For one thing, they can be assisting their children in their high school and college requirements after chores are done. Or they, too, could be working towards earning their college diploma through night and weekend classes. Some might also serve on nonprofit organizations like churches to volunteer their time in the parish offices or ministry.

So, everyone can benefit from the ability to merge different PDFs into one master file. As long as you’re able to follow simple instructions, you can use this tool.

Is the Tool a Secure Place to Upload Files?

The good news is that, yes, does have a very secure system. After you’re done with your merge PDF task, the system will count for 60 minutes and then instantly delete your files from the site. Not even one PDF will remain. This makes it easier for you to avoid sharing sensitive documents with strangers (who might turn out to be competitors).


Doing research that uses various PDFs as attachments can be a headache for some. This is especially true for people who are creating a master document that will need the input of all those PDFs. Fortunately, you don’t have to search far and wide for software to download for this. You can rely on the tool and start merging your PDFs now so you can breathe a big sigh of relief afterward.

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