If you have never used stepladders and podium steps before, they may look the same. Both of them are usually utilized in work situations to offer you the extra weight needed to get the job done. The podium steps go through a thoroughly intentional design process to make sure that you can safely use them.

But before you decide to hire podium steps from Lakeside Hire, it’s important that you should know why and when to use them. There are various designs of podium steps and you can also find specific types which can vary depending on their specific functions in the workplace. This post discusses how to choose the right podium steps.

Choosing the right podium steps

There are many people who get seriously injured each year due to falls from heights. Therefore, you cannot afford to take any chances when it comes to scaffolding as well as the safety and health of your employees. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that you choose the proper podium steps for the work you intend to do to ensure that your workplace meets the safety and health regulations.

Because there is a wide range of podium steps to choose from, you need to understand the type of podium steps you want for the particular job. You need to look out for:

Platform heights

There are good chances that you may want podium steps that can reach several heights. Therefore, you need to consider the models that can help you work at a specific platform height.

You can decide to use telescopic podium steps that can help you work safely and comfortably at various platform heights. In most cases, these podium steps have a large work area and you may find them in various models.

Size and weight

Another important consideration is the ease of transportation and assembly. Hence, you have to look at a variety of models’ weight, size, and assembly times. Assembly times refer to how long it can take you to assemble the podium steps. Quite often, many podium steps regardless of whether they are static or adjustable may be moved around your worksite by one to two employees. On the other hand, the bulkier and larger podium steps can need at least two individuals to lift safely.

When it comes to assembly times, many models take a couple of minutes to install, with most one-piece models usually taking less than a minute. If you are concerned about time-effectiveness, then ease of assembly is crucial because it can mean that the platform will be secure and stable.

Load rating and safety features 

It’s also important to check the load ratings to make sure that the model you choose can support your weight and the equipment and tools. This usually means that you need to look for podium steps with at least 150 kilograms load rating.

Safety features are another major aspect of podium steps. The guardrails need to offer you 360-degree protection from any falls. Also, they need to have a stable design that has a solid work platform.

Podium steps configuration

Podium steps come in various configurations, so you can always find the proper solution for any work site. You can find specialized podium steps that feature steps with legs designed to rest on steps. There are some podium steps that have a single work platform that allows you to work flat against any wall. Even better, there are lightweight podium steps that are made up of glass-reinforced plastic.

These different designs demonstrate that a podium step is adaptable to various working sites. These steps have been redesigned and reworked for use in many different scenarios. This is the reason why you can find several designs on the market to suit any on-site working needs.

The key features of podium steps are their stability as well as caged podium which offer another level of safety for those working at height. These features tend to make a podium step a safer, stronger, and more stable alternative to the traditional stepladder.

You can decide to use the podium step for both outdoor and indoor work as they offer a safer working environment at minimal height. As explained earlier, podium steps also provide great weight specifications, making them better than stepladders when it comes to heavy-duty applications. These applications can include accessing control panels, roof-edge guttering, and window fitting.

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