Creating a high-quality article review involves evaluating an article in a quality way or unbiased. A previously published literature review or an article review requires a strong understanding of the article without any flaws. An in-depth understanding of the article paves the way for a high-quality article review. Logical evaluation of the article and clear supportive arguments are vital for an article review.

  • What we can expect from an article review.
  • Critical evaluation of the available data.
  • Explore potential areas in the article.
  • Sometimes, a new conclusion is drawn by the reviewing expert.

Here are major guidelines for creating high-quality article reviews.

Before we delve deep into the guidelines, the following point is of paramount importance for article review.

  • The subject matter is a must.
  • Idea and arguments in the article have to be summarized.
  • Detailed analysis and assessment of the subject.
  • The proof is a must to support the findings.

When you write an article review, the main focus is given to a knowledgeable audience. A general review is not required to cope with the quality aspect. When you review an article, concentrating on the author’s research is vital than deviating.

Article review set up

Prepare yourself for setting up the article review in a professional way, by the way, you can learn more about it on The article review setup is vital to your success. By doing so, you can understand the article to write it effectively.

Review set up includes the following:

  1. Article summarization.
  2. Explore positive aspects of the article.
  3. Check for unsolved questions, if any, in the article.
  4. Check for inconsistencies to point out.

How to proceed with the article review first?

Main points, author’s argument, main headings, and opening sentences of the article are studied in-depth to ensure your clear understanding first. Begin the article by going through the abstract, introduction, and opening paragraphs. Give vital importance to the overall argument in the article by reading it entirely.

You must note down important points, unsolved questions, words, and clarifications that you do not understand in a separate paper.

You have to be sure and understand the difficult concepts or any terms in the article. You shall ensure that you have understood the article fully without any gap. So, the article preview is important to you before you get into the subject.

Twice or thrice reading

When you read the article highlight the important points, terms, and concepts darkly. Main points, supporting facts, and arguments are underlined for your quick reading after. You can add references to the article when you read it. Possibly second or third time reading helps you a lot. The following points when you read the article are must

Connect the article with your knowledge

Check if you can accept the article concept consciously or do you find any difference with the meaning

Do you find a difference with the present article when compared to other articles you read before?

Finally, check if you have understood the article fully, especially the meaning.

Now write an article in your own words

After analyzing the argument, and research, start the article writing in your own words. Understand the base of the article or which point drives it?

Frame a structure when you write and follow a logical structure. Clear writing and comprehensive sentences make your writing easy to follow. A separate article written in your own words helps you to start with the review after. Yes, you can decide now the part of the article you want to review.

Never go out of the topic and be focused on the main issues of the article. Stay focused on the main content and approach of the article. You can now remove unnecessary points by reviewing the summary outline.

  • Evaluation outline
  • Prepare an outline as follows
  • About Author’s narration and points if clear or not
  • Strength and weakness
  • Examples and references are a must
  • Check for any incorrect statistics or facts

Answer the following questions after reading the article to cope with your review

Does the article have a clear theoretical framework?

Does the article have sufficient evidence?

The answers to the above questions help you to write a high-quality article review without any error.

Final thoughts

The above details guide to writing an exemplary article review. Yes, you can follow the steps discussed above for your quality writing.

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