The Outsider Miniseries began with a two-part premiere episode, which was followed by a more contemplative one. While the first two episodes showed the involvement of Terry in the murder, the recent episode titled “Dark Uncle” was all about the mystery goo. Yes, the turn of events in the episode will leave you baffled.

Anderson might be on administrative leave but the madness isn’t over, as a highly orthodox PI makes his entry. The two look for closure in the upcoming episode and its definitely going to be ominous. So here is a short recap and sneak peek into The Outsider Episode 4 titled “Que Viene El Coco”.

The Outsider Episode 3 “Dark Uncle” Written Update

Jack Hoskins is the new PI appointed in the murder case of Frankie Peterson. He heads to the barn where the clothes of the suspect, maybe, Terry were found. However, his one hour drive was made more pointless when he stops in between to harass some strippers at the Peach Crease. As a result, when he reaches the barn, it is almost night. He is all alone and annoyed as the other GBI officers have left. But it doesn’t stop him. He starts his search and as he flashes the light on the rear side of the building, the green Hoodie man appears.

Yes, he gets shot scared but as he recollects himself and the flashlight, the figure disappears. And in a few minutes, he is attacked repeatedly, as an unseen force injures his neck and pins him down. He still manages to return home but this encounter has instilled a lot of pain, which is worsening with time.

The Outsider Episode 3- Ralph Continues to Investigate

Even though Ralph is on a leave, he still continues to work on the case. He tries to establish a connection between the murder and Terry’s trip to Ohio. He watches the courtroom shooting again to see if he had missed out on anything important.

The day after, he meets Yunis Sablo to confirm the details collected by the GBI personnel from the barn. During their visit, they found that though the clothes of the suspect and what Terry was wearing was an exact match, there was one odd distinction. The fingerprints found on the unique buckle belt belonged to a person around 80 years of age, apart from being matched with Terry.

All this weirdness led to the calling of Alec Pelley and Howie Gold for investigation. Though the two refuse to take part, Ralph manages to get them convincing that it could help Terry get out of the case and find the real killer. And with this, Howie suggests to bring Holly Gibney, who he feels could be of some help.

The Outsider Episode 3- “Jessa Meets Ralph and Jeannie”

While Terry is convicted in the murder of a young boy, his family too is being harassed. His daughters Maya and Jessa are constantly being bullied at school. The same night, The Man who whispers to Jessa visits her again and tells her to meet Ralph. She asks her mom to call Anderson as she wants to talk to him. Jeannie accompanies Ralph to visit Glory and Jessa, along with Howie Gold. While Glory stresses that Jessa is just having a bad dream and talking to Ralph would help her realize this, the girl is adamant that it’s not.

Jessa informs Ralph that The Man wants him to stop the investigation, if not then something bad will happen. After some coaxing, Jessa is questioned by Jeannie and she reveals about her meetings with the invisible man, and how he always says to threaten Ralph.

The Outsider Miniseries Episode 4 “Que Viene El Coco” Spoilers

The upcoming episode titled “Que Viene El Coco”, means “The bogeyman is coming”. Coco in Spanish folklore accounts for a monster that eats children. So if we take relevance from Stephen King’s book, then we can expect a bogeyman walking around in Cherokee.

The gruesome murder of a young boy Frankie Peterson, followed by the suspect Terry Maitland is getting more confusing. And so it needs to have a fresh look over it so that the details that might have been missed by Ralph and Jack and their team. In the previous episode, Howie Gold suggests taking help from PI, Holly Gibney. Her investigation can lead to a potential discovery in the case.

The Outsider Episode 4- Holly Gibney Starts her Investigation

The investigation is going to speed up with the arrival of a new PI, Holly Gibney. The officers who have been working on the case before, try to make their story sound trustable even though there is nothing concrete in it. But Holly retraces Terry’s journey and visits Dayton to know how his white van reached Cherokee. She even tries to get hold of the security footage but as a lot of time has passed, it seems to be a long shot.

And so she heads to another direction and visit Terry’s father. This visit of hers is not going to go in vain as she comes across another case that is very similar to this one.

The Outsider Episode 4 Spoilers- Holly is on a Spree to Investigate

The episode titled “Que Viene El Coco” that will air on 26th January is going to be about Holly Gibney and her new investigation spree. She will try to find about the Williams sisters and their connection with Frankie. The timeline of the events is the most important here, and she is going to connect all the dots to solve Terry’s mystery.

She further comes to know about Andy Katcavage, the PI investigating a similar case. She tries to find similarities between the two if she can find new details about the events that might have happened.

Wrapping Up

Even though “Dark Uncle” was a bit slow, it did a great job as the events unfolded. The case is getting interesting as the story of all the characters is being introduced. So don’t forget to tune in to HBO, every Sunday at 9PM to know who the real murderer is.

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