We all love watching movies and over the past few years, 123movies was doing a great job by providing us free movies in great quality. But, in march 2018, 123movies was shut down after receiving a legal notice, the administrator had to permanently shut down the infamous movie site. 

However, shut down of 123movies doesn’t put a full stop to your entertainment, therefore we have compiled a list of 11 best sites like 123movies that will allow you to either stream or download the latest movies in good quality. 

11 Best Sites like 123Movies 2020

The sites we have listed down below will let you stream movies for free. Some of the sites even allow you to download the movies directly. Make sure you use a strong VPN service to play on a safe side and not expose your IP.  

I also urge you to use an adblocker extension to prevent malicious ads and pop-ups these sites will redirect you to. Advertisements are the only method for movie streaming sites to generate income and pay for the server. Therefore, you will find tons of ads on movie streaming sites.  

1. Vumoo 

Starting of our list of 11 best sites like 123movies with Vumoo. One reason why I have mentioned this site is that it provides you an amazing user interface and a choice to either watch movies or TV shows.  

vumoo sites like 123movies

The interface looks neat and much more similar to that of Netflix. You can find all of the latest movies on Vumoo and the best thing about the site is that it doesn’t redirect you to any betting sites or pop-ups, but there are some ads on the movie streaming screen which doesn’t compromise with the user experience. 

The quality of the picture can be either set on auto or your desired resolution, but the only feature I wish Vumoo to add is the subtitles. You cannot add subtitles from external sources or auto-generate subtitles, there is no option to do so. In brief, you should definitely try Vumoo if you hate pop-up ads. 

2. Snag Films 

Snag Films is another amazing movie streaming site that lets you enjoy thousands of amazing movies and TV series for free and that too in high quality. You are not forced to sign-up or register an account to stream movies. 


Snag films host the content on its own servers including multiple genres such as action, thriller, comedy and much more.  The user interface of the site is pretty cool consisting of a black and blue theme which is relaxing to the eyes. 

The best part about snag films is that it does not show any misleading ads or show pop-ups while clicking anywhere on the screen. One of the best things I like about Snag Films is that you can download its app on Android or iOS from the official app stores and watch movies or shows on your smartphone. 

3. FMovies 

If you are not a streaming person and looking for a site that also allows you to download movies for offline streaming, Fmovies is a perfect site for you. 


Along with streaming, you can download the desired movie from Fmovies. The site has a very huge database of some of the best movies in the decades whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood.  

You are not compelled to sign up for an account to stream or download movies and one of the most hated things about this site is that it redirects you to unnecessary sites that may harm your device. I suggest you to use an adblocker if you want to use this site. 

4. PopCornFlix 

As per the users, Popcornflix is one of the best alternates of 123movies. It has a huge database of movies and TV shows which vary from various genres such as Romance, Comedy, Horror, Adventure, Drama and much more. All of the Movies are available in a watchable quality, some of the new releases may not be available in HD. 

123movies alternatives

The site has minimum ads and doesn’t redirect you to any malicious sites. You are not compelled to register an account on Popcornflix. Overall the site is quite famous when it comes to online movie streaming. If you want to watch sports, check out these sports streaming sites which we have shared.

5. Putlocker 

I bet you all know about this amazing movie streaming site but if you don’t let us tell you. Putlocker is a very old website that has a lot of mirror sites and clones due to its popularity. It not only allows you to stream your favorite movies in high quality but you can also download the movies with a few clicks. 


Putlocker has a large database of movies, therefore you will find almost every movie here whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood. It also supports subtitles which is the reason why I prefer this site to stream movies. 

6. YesMovies 

Another amazing movie streaming site added to the list, YesMovies is one of the top-notch movie streaming sites that provides similar features to that of 123movies. Quick and easy navigation and fewer advertisements make the site user-friendly. 

yes movies

You can look up for movies using various search parameters like release year, genre, movie length, country and more. Make sure you use a VPN as the site has been blocked in various regions.  

You are not forced to create an account to download or stream movies. If you are looking for a site that provides both downloading and streaming features, Yesmovies is one of them. To enjoy Netflix services for free, we have shared free netflix cookies on our blog.

7. IceFilms : 123Movies Alternative

One of the most iconic things about IceFilms is its user interface. The site has pretty much everything for its user base. Whether it is movies or TV shows, you can find almost everything on IceFilms.  

123movies like sites

The navigation menu allows you to sort movies according to countries, release year or IMBD rating. If none of this pleases you, featured an A-Z list can help you out choosing from a list of movies to watch. 

If you still couldn’t find the movie you are looking for, consider using the requested feature. Although the site doesn’t compel its users to create an account, if you want to file a request to add a movie, you will have to sign up for an account or connect with Google, Facebook or twitter. 

The site has minimum ads but redirects you to a random site while clicking on anything. Overall, you can use this site to download movies if the above-listed sites go down. 

8. WatchFree.Me 

The name pretty much gives you an idea about what this site actually does. Fewer ads and pop-ups make the user experience good. Talking about the user interface, the latest movies and shows are displayed in a carded format and the navigation menu makes it easier for the user to hunt for movies according to its genre, popularity and other criteria. 

sites like 123movies 2020

One thing I disliked about WatchFree.me is that it requires you to create an account to stream movies in high quality. Other than this, there is nothing bad on the site. The site doesn’t host the content on its own server but parses links from various sources. 

In brief, you wouldn’t require a VPN and an adblocker on this site, you can use it to watch and stream movies without any issues. 

9. YouTube 

I should have mentioned YouTube earlier but there is a reason why I haven’t. YouTube is surely one of the biggest video streaming platforms on this planet. You can find almost everything on YouTube whether it is a movie or a web show.  


A lot of users upload full-length movies on YouTube which are just a search away. You can even download these movies using various YouTube downloaders available online. 

The reason why I didn’t mention YouTube, in the beginning, is that Google hates piracy. There are chances of the movies getting deleted and it not always that you will find a movie you are looking for. But still, a lot of people who still don’t know about sites like 123movies prefer YouTube. 

YouTube shows ads but not on content which is not owned by the user, therefore the uploaded movies are free from any kind of ads. Well, you can use YouTube Vanced Apk to get rid out the irritating ads.

10. Flixtor 

This is one of my personal favorite websites to stream free movies. The amazing user interface and no ads make it the first choice of every movie lover. The latest movies and movies that are currently running in the theater are listed in a carded view which on hover flips to give some details about the movie. 


Although, there are some ads on the home screen which doesn’t compromise with user experience at all. There is also a VIP membership which has its own features.  

You can either watch movies or TV shows on flixtor and download them to watch later, the latest update has fixed the issue with subtitles.  

11. HDO.TO 

HDO is another movie streaming site like 123movies with a clean and less complex user interface. The site has a lot to offer to its users.  Just like every other site on the list, HDO allows you to watch or download movies and TV shows.  

watch movies online

The site doesn’t force you to sign up for an account and definitely has pop-ups and advertisements which is very common in movie streaming sites. 

Wrap Up 

With a thousand of movie streaming websites available on the internet, we have compiled a list of the 11 best sites like 123movies that actually allows you to watch or stream movies online. Some of the above-listed sites have advertisements which can be blocked using an adblocker while some sites might not work in your region. I will recommend you to use a VPN to avoid any issues with your ISP. If you have any more suggestions that can fit in the list, contact us. 

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