One of the most effective digital marketing tools that small to medium-sized businesses can use is an email marketing campaign. With this one action, you’re able to send targeted information to a very specific group of people on your email list. Besides that, the campaign itself is incredibly cost-effective, giving you the potential for a very high return on your investment.

But before you go ahead and hit “send” on your first email marketing campaign, there are some tips and tricks that experts recommend you keep in mind. These will ensure that you’re giving the campaign the best odds for success.

Work on Creating an Accurate Email List

When it comes to important tips, making sure that you’ve got the correct email addresses for recipients is right near the top of the list. Let’s face it, your campaign can’t be successful if it’s not even reaching people. Questions such as are email addresses case sensitive, do you have the right domain name, is the spelling correct, and so forth, are all important to address before you send out the content.

Ideally, you should be taking steps to keep your contact list up-to-date. This includes asking people if they still want to receive emails by confirming their email address, getting proof of consent which can be done with a digital timestamp and being sure to eliminate emails that don’t work.

Set a Goal for Your Campaign

Now it’s time to set a goal for your email marketing campaign. It’s really hard to measure the success of your efforts if you haven’t defined what you hope to achieve. It could be that you want to boost engagement, maybe you want to introduce a new product or service, perhaps you are discussing a promotion or special deal, or maybe you’re just hoping to keep your subscribers interested and feeling important.

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Include Opt-Ins to Increase Engagement

Another tip from the experts is to include opt-ins somewhere within the email. The opt-in should be easy to spot and should allow readers to just click on it. It could be “sign me up”, “send information”, “enter to win”, and so forth. Anything that will get them to click through to a different part of your site, and require them to leave their information, will help your efforts. This is what many companies rely on in order to build their contact list.

The Subject Line and Copy Deserve Attention

Finally, you want to be sure you’re giving the subject line and copy the attention they deserve. Sending an email out to customers is only going to be effective if it contains information that intrigues them. What would prompt them to open the email rather than send it to the trash right away?

Each of these tips is equally as important as the next as you work to create your very first email marketing campaign for your business. Remember, it’s not a matter of following just one of these tips, rather you should follow all these tips in order to achieve the best results possible.

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