With the vast amount of digitalization of society, more and more content creators are getting opportunities to showcase their talent and earn a reputation in front of the audience. Patreon is one platform that creates an opportunity for content creators and artists to run a subscription service by providing quality business tools. The Patreon alternatives have broadened the source of earning income and reputation for the artists and the users in a worthy manner. However, due to the vast competition in the market, the artists should know the skill of getting more patrons on Patreon.

Some of the effective ways which the artists and content creators must follow to gain more patrons on Patreon is here:

Never Ask for Support Directly

It is an aspect that needs to be followed by the creators. Asking directly for support and membership creates a negative impact in the minds of the audience. Let the audience decide and support on their own. Maintain a pressure-free environment for the users in terms of support.

Mentioning Patreon Link Everywhere

The technique of mentioning and sharing the Patreon link everywhere is quite a way of attracting and gaining more support from different target audience sections. Attach the link on an email signature and various social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, etc. It would directly benefit the artists and creators to gain attention from a broader range of audiences and get more support on Patreon.

Apply Different Contents 

Users tend to get attracted to different and unique kinds of content. Using the exact wording in every content could create a sense of distaste in the audience’s minds. Try to convince the audience differently so that they can support the creators. Some of the approaches could be:

  • Explaining how supporting someone on Patreon is equivalent to buying a coffee every month.
  • It manipulates the audience to support the creators in a budget-friendly manner.
  • Try to focus on the various benefits available while supporting someone on Patreon alternatives like Giveaways, Discounts, etc.

Also, add a touch of creativity with images and videos as it helps the audience visualize the perks and support the creators.

Offer Incentives for Sign-Ups

Incentives could be an additional bonus in terms of gaining quality support from the audience in Patreon. The users will support the creators if they receive a direct perk from them. You must avail of these incentives within a stipulated period to increase the demand for support from the users.

Appreciate the Supporters

Everyone likes to get appreciated. So, in terms of the supporters, if they get a shout-out or mention from the artists or creators, it would motivate the users to support more. So, the creators must share and mention their audience on various social media platforms to encourage them and gain more patrons on Patreon.

Arrange Giveaways

The contests like giveaways target a wider audience as more and more participation from the audience takes place. A hefty prize should be announced for the winner so that supporters could get attracted. You should organize these contests every 5-6 months as it creates a sense of interaction between the users and the creators. The better the interaction, the higher would be the support from their side. So, the artist should follow the concept of giveaways.

Build and Maintain Community

Community is the private space shared between the artists, creators, and patrons or supporters. It helps the supporters to communicate more with the artists rather than on a public platform. So, building a community helps the creators boost the audience’s support as they tend to follow the creators more who have a community and a loyal fan base.

Show Importance and Gratitude to the Supporters

The audience needs to get appropriate responses and gratitude from the stature they are supporting. So, the creators must send them personal emails and messages to make them feel valued. From the creator’s point of view, this small gesture could create a sense of actual behavior in the supporters’ minds. It would ultimately help in boosting up the support in the form of patrons.

Value Feedback from the Existing Supporters 

It is the most crucial point that the creators must look upon to attain and grow a healthy fan base. The creators should analyze the feedback and insights from the supporter’s perspective and work on them so that the supporters can be satisfied with the content. It would help the creators build a sense of care for the supporters and gradually enhance the fan base and support worthwhile.

Hosting Livestreams

The feature of live streams and hosting live videos in the various social media handles could help the creators extend the communication level with the users and the supporters. Patrons love to communicate directly, and this technique would also help them to build recognition to a broader range of audiences.

Be Consistent

Consistency is the key. Users love to support creators who maintain consistency in all aspects like hosting live videos, live streams, posting content or videos, etc. The consistency gradually develops a habit of following the users amongst the audiences, ultimately supporting them. So, the consistent creator may not face many difficulties in building a loyal fan base or gaining patrons on Patreon.

Wrapping up

So, you could reasonably conclude that gaining the bulk of patrons on Patreon alternatives requires a lot of hard work and patience. But the creators must follow proper techniques and guidelines so that they can earn recognition from the users. The greater the recognition, the higher would be the support from the audience. All the mentioned techniques could help the creators in gaining quality patrons on Patreon.

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