There are some renowned brands of windows and Andersen windows review suggests that they manufacture one of the best windows in the USA. So many people have used their windows and they hold such a name for themselves. However, not all people can afford windows from Andersen, there are people who rely on their local window makers and it is not a bad thing considering your budget.

Every house has windows as they are an important element of the house. Now some people have wooden windows, some have aluminum windows, some have expensive windows while some have cheap windows installed in their homes. But whatever the shape, material, or size your windows have, you all need to look after your windows just like anything else in your home. Just like you clean the glass of windows, protecting the wooden or aluminum frames of your windows is important from a cleaning perspective. Today we will be talking about how to clean your windows. If you live in Edmonton, the window companies in Edmonton have a proper guide to clean for simple glass and low-emission glass windows. Have a brief look down below to find out more.

Benefits of looking after windows:

  1. These tips will help you protect your windows from getting dirty.
  2. Good air will pass through these windows and keep your home fresh.
  3. They will extend the life of your windows.

Window Cleaning

One of the best ways to look after your windows is to clean them.

  • For any type of window, start by vacuuming soil and debris from the sill or track of the windows. You can use a blower too. It will help clean the dust prior to washing.
  • Make a mixture of mild dish soap and water, use it to clean window frames and grills. Once done, rinse thoroughly with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Use water pressure in the window sills to take out the hard debris.
  • It is advised to use mild soap and less water because you don’t want to scratch the surface of window glass or the window frames.
  • Use grease or oil as lubricant in the frame of the window or on the rollers, tracks, or slides after cleaning. It can keep them from getting stuck or rusted. Make sure to use a lubricant that doesn’t damage the frame material.
  • For wooden window frames, try using furniture polish.
  • For low-emission and insulated glass windows, you can’t use heat detergents because they can damage the effectiveness of it.
  • If possible, try washing them in the evening and avoid direct sunlight while washing.
  • If you can remove the glass from the windows, do that and clean it. When it’s done, reinstall it in the window.
  • Don’t rub the window glass too much. Just clean it with an absorbent cloth to avoid any scratches and water spots.
  • Never ever use petroleum-based or chemical-based cleaners for such insulated glass.
  • Don’t use pressure water on them either.
  • Try to avoid using any kind of adhesive tape or anything else to mask the window glass. It may damage the glass’s effectiveness.
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