In the last ten years, more and more people have managed to earn a living from online activities and, more than that, from recreational activities. People have been using the internet for a long time to generate income, but playing online games is more recent. Can you believe that there are content creators who play online games and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month? Here’s how to make money playing.


Many businesses and companies in the online environment have managed to create an ecosystem from which everyone has something to gain. In the case of Swagbucks, anyone can sign up on the platform to earn extra income. What this platform does is reward you with gift cards and discount vouchers for online shopping. In exchange for these rewards, the users will have to take part in surveys, play games, watch videos or participate in humanitarian actions.

Swagbucks is a free platform for everyone. You can find information online on how to register on such a platform, and if you want to create accounts on the coolest gambling platforms in the world, you will find tutorials on As with an online casino, you are not required to spend any money. Swagbucks will reward you every time you accumulate enough points, without asking for anything in return.


Inoxdollars works on the same principle. After registering on this platform, you will be able to start solving small tasks directly. For each task completed, you will be rewarded with real money. The difference between Inoxdollars and Swagbucks is that in the case of Swagbucks, the only things you can receive are vouchers and gift cards. With Inoxdollars, you will be able to earn real money directly.


Rewards usually start at $0.25, but can even reach $50. The interface is very simple to use, and to start completing surveys, all you have to do is select the corresponding option. You will definitely earn some money.


One of the most popular questions when it comes to such platforms is the one that raises the issue of legality. Are these platforms legal? Is Bingomania a platform that pays you for your work online? Well, yes. Bingomania has been on the international market since 1996, and since then it has managed to convince millions of players to watch, play and make money on the platform.

Obviously, the main activity on this platform is the game of bingo and a variety of other games of chance offered. Moreover, players who register with a completely new account will also receive a bonus that will help them start playing faster. The platform has over 70 different bingo games that can be played both on the desktop and on the phone.


Gamesville was one of the companies that understood how valuable a customer’s or an individual’s personal data is. In 1995, this company launched an online gaming platform, and in 1999, just 4 years after its launch, it was sold for over 230 million dollars. Although it has offered users many types of games, the team knew that it was very important to collect customer data.

Now, if you want to play Gamesville, things are very different. The team has not been involved in the development of the project, but you will still be able to enter the website and play Bingo, slots or poker.


Click2Play is different from the rest of the platforms mentioned above. While some offer you games and activities to try, Click2Play is an online payment processor that will only charge you for all transactions made using your account. Compared to other such services, Click2Play seems to offer the lowest fees, and payments are processed in record time both when they are sent and when they are received.

No matter where you try to withdraw money, you will have to register both on the Click2Play account, but also on the account of the platform where you earn money.


We built this top based on the success of each platform and the number of users that each managed to accumulate over time. Given that in this article we talk about all the ways you can make money playing online games, we had to include Pogo. An online gaming platform where you will have to register and win as many games as possible.

Among the most popular categories of games you will find here are Mahjong, Hidden Object Games, Board Games, and Card Club Games. Do you like to play online and want to make money from your passion? Pogo is perfect!


Here are just a few tips and methods you can use to start making money online. Do not forget that it is not at all easy to earn money from something free and that large sums only come to those who dedicate themselves to the game. Good luck!

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