There is always something exciting about things that we don’t know much about. While it is primarily true for those who score higher on openness and adventure orientation scales, on average, more people than not show some degree of inclination towards relatively new things. That’s just how the human mind works! This idea can be implemented to understand how the human mind perceives cryptocurrency and what this perception might lead to.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, when it was first launched, were something completely unheard of. Soon after that, and recently, bitcoin was tied to the dark web and criminal activities. However, with higher rates of adoption of cryptocurrencies by severe investors and its worldwide acceptance, people are simply showing higher affinity towards it. With this in mind, here are some ways bitcoin affects our minds:

Bitcoin is now slowly starting to integrate with one’s sense of self

While Bitcoin may seem like just another cryptocurrency, it is so much more than that. Since the nature of Bitcoin is so radical, it moves people and builds on their ideology and value system. Supporting Bitcoin and being a part of the movement has become part of one’s persona and is often used as a defining personality marker. Investing in Bitcoin doesn’t mean owning digital currency but also entering the digital space itself.

This environment has its own rules, linguistics, and various attractive features that make people feel included in something special. The Bitcoin culture has its appeal and hence can directly involve people and radicalize their thoughts.

People have started to enjoy the thrill

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, many investors are wary of their volatile nature. While it is indeed a concern, it is also a matter of tremendous excitement for some people. The unpredictable nature of the Bitcoin market draws people to it even more because it keeps them engaged and creates enough tension to build on adrenaline levels.

When dealing with Bitcoin, people have to constantly check its value and keep themselves busy understanding how well their coins are doing. Not only is this process quite engaging on its own, but that is also a promise of something good in the end. This significantly affects a person’s behavior, feeding on a cycle of reinforcement and reward expectancy.

The buzz creates more attention

Acquiring knowledge about something interesting like Bitcoin is a thrilling process in itself. However, one of the most critical aspects of how Bitcoin is affecting our psyche is its mysterious nature itself. It is impossible to know much about Bitcoin by a layperson because it heavily relies on technical knowledge.

At the same time, the course of Bitcoin cannot be drafted quickly, which creates more of an enigmatic element like Bitcoin. For those who do not know anything about it, it is easier not to get invested in Bitcoin in comparison to those who fear missing out on something that seems as phenomenal as Bitcoin. Although investing in Bitcoin has become a much easier process, many people do not understand what they are getting themselves into. This supports Bitcoin because it is in fashion, and as they want to be involved in something so phenomenal. There is a significant fear of not being part of this revolution that makes people more interested in cryptocurrencies.

What affects a person’s mind and in which ways can never be predicted at a general level. However, when it comes to Bitcoin and its effect on the mind of people, one thing that can be understood and assumed reasonably is that people are gravitating towards this cryptocurrency because of certain psychological elements that are truly interesting.


While it can lead to various adverse outcomes such as stress, anxiety, and depression, positive results cannot be neglected. Get the now if you want to know more about Bitcoin and start your journey in this digital space.

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