Old School Runescape offers a number of ways for you to earn OSRS gold. That being said, many opt to buy OSRS gold to avoid using methods in the game to rack up as much money as possible. This isn’t always a necessary method, as there are many means for you to do so without having to find someone who is selling OSRS gold. With that being said, here are a few ways in which you can earn gold through combat.


You will notice that this is a very common strategy that players use in OSRS to earn gold. This is down to its simplicity and availability for F2P players. Keep in mind however that you should make sure you have food with you, as well as some good armor to keep you protected. The Corsair Curse quest is also a requirement for this method.

To get started, head off the boat in Corsair Cove and head to the dungeon to the west. Use ranged attacks from distance on the Ogres then collect the rune items within. By converting these into gold after being high alched it becomes a viable way of making money, sitting at around 120K per hour if done properly.

Green Dragons

This is a method that you may have heard of already. It has very minimal requirements of needing armor, a weapon, and an anti-dragon shield. The Green Dragons themselves do not have much threat about them, either. In fact, they only have two simple melee attacks which you shouldn’t have much trouble countering.

You will need to be in the wilderness to start this method, so make sure that you don’t bring anything worthwhile with you so you don’t end up permanently losing it. With this method, you could make up to 450K per hour.

Brutal Black Dragons

Sticking with the dragon theme, this time you will need to be at level 77 Slayer and at least Prayer level 37 with protection from magic. By taking down Brutal Black Dragons, you will find that you are embarking on a very profitable combat method for making gold.

You can find them in the northwest area of the catacombs of Kourend. You will find that the items that they drop can be very valuable, so you may be paying a visit to the Grand Exchange once you have done so. The reason that this is also profitable is the fact that there is a church nearby, so even though your Prayer will start to run out fast, you can replenish it there and get straight back into the action. By doing so, you stand to make in and our 700K gold every hour.


A few extra requirements for this one, so you will need to be at Slayer level 75, and ensure that your attack, strength, and defense are at level 75 too. This is potentially a very profitable method, since they often drop items of decent value as well as cash stacks. You can high alch the majority of their drops too, so having high alchemy can come in really handy.

Head up the slayer tower ladder to find the Gargoyles, and consider using a good bludgeon to take them out with. They are also vulnerable to crush weapons in general so keep that in mind before going into the fight. The better your gear is, the more profit you will make to withstand killing Gargoyles over the course of an hour, which you can make around 500K.


This requires you to have finished to Dragon slayer 2 quest, and of course, being able to kill Vorkath as well. By doing so, you will be engaging in one of the best OSRS money making methods in the game where combat is concerned. Whilst the item drops aren’t especially valuable compared to others, they soon add up to a very high value over time.

With that in mind, killing Vorkath should then be followed up by taking the loot then depositing them at a bank before repeating the process. It is a fairly easy boss fight to contend with, and a toxic blow pipe will work well here if you have one. This method should see you surpassing over 1 million gold per hour, so its definitely worth doing.

So if OSRS gold is something that you crave, then these methods should be very effective. You won’t have to resort to buying gold if you are willing to farm some of these types of enemies, which could make you very rich OSRS in-game if you can put the time in.

Have you tried any of these OSRS money making methods? Let us know in the comments section below!

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