It is always necessary to keep on checking the status of an automation system over the web page. You can save more time by turning a valve or light on/off from a PC at your office or home. It will also save you money that you could spend traveling to sites to check their status or maintenance. You can be in full control of the system while on vacation with your family.

If you already have existing applications that involve PLCs and I/O, you can choose to bring your system to a computer-based SCADA control and monitoring system. All you need is to configure the SCADA system in your computer and pull data from the data acquisition modules and the controller. You may configure controls to monitor things like valves, conveyor status, and temperature.

In any SCADA software, the drivers provided enable communication with various PLC” s devices or data acquisition modules. Installing a web server makes it possible to serve the SCADA system out for the web customers on remote computers to access the web page.

If you are running a simple project consisting of a Modbus RTU based device, you can make it available on the internet. In this case, you need Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP gateway. An efficient gateway is the tGW-718, which has a 1 RS-232/422/485 port. Afterward, you can create a custom web server on your PC to get your data organized. You can use your most preferred web programming language like C#,, java, or PHP. Creating user logins enables you to access the web page remotely. User logins also limit access to the page by other persons.

If you have a technical project, you can use a classy customizable web server controller like WP-5141-XW107. You can design a program to run in your controller with any .NET language; C#, C++, or VB.NET. You can also have a webserver to allow you to use a web based SCADA system to help you check the status remotely.

People love to use web-based SCADA systems because they offer flexibility and convenience. You can configure these systems to schedule alarms to ring when a fault occurs, like when a pump collapses, when temperatures are out of range, a tank is leaking, a refrigerator is left open, or a flood occurs.

With a configured SCADA system, you can log onto your personal computer to check your systems’ status over the web page if you want to collect data from various points around the globe. You can access it on your PC in a clear, straightforward, and organized way. Web-based SCADA systems allow users to monitor and control different types of systems.

Don’t hesitate to install a SCADA system on your computer to help you manage the other systems you have in your office, business, or home. It may be costly in the initial stages but will be economical in the long run. Take a step and have it today and see how simple it is to manage several systems from a single point.

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