When you are partaking in some gambling, depending on what game you are enjoying, you will have to beat your fellow players, but your main enemy is the house edge. People like to say that the house always wins, and they are correct to a certain extent. Why only to a certain extent, though? Well, it is because there are some ways that you beat the system, and we shall take a look at some of them below.

Casinos Really Dislike Advantage Players

There is one type of player that casinos really dislike and those are advantage players. What exactly is an advantage player? Well, it is someone who always looks for ways to gain some sort of advantage over the house. This will often involve acts of cheating like past posting, which is when someone slyly places a bet when it has been announced that no more bets are to be placed.

Another way that casino players try to gain an advantage is by counting cards, but this is not an illegal move. Yes, casinos might not like it, but it is not considered illegal. When you are having a game of blackjack, you have to build a hand that is higher than what the dealer has but without being higher than 21.

The hands that you receive are played from the same deck, so what is on one hand will have an influence on future hands. This is never the case in other games such as roulette as the number that the ball lands on after one spin is not going to have any impact on the number that the ball will land on after the next spin.

Card Counting Explained

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So, how does the strategy of card counting work? Basically, it revolves around the belief that if a deck of cards has a high proportion of higher cards the chances of winning increases. Why is this so? Well, when you are playing blackjack you do not have to draw another card if your hand is 15, but the dealer has to draw another card if his hand does not add up to at least 16.

Therefore, the dealer is more likely to go bust as the majority of cards left in the deck are high ones. Once you have learned how to count cards, you should also take the time to check out the basic blackjack strategy, which is a strategy that tells you what move to make depending on what hand you have.

If you decide to use the basic strategy and card counting in tandem, then you can lower the house edge to 1$, down from 2.7%. When you are able to hold this type of advantage, you can put down a higher wager. To give you an example, if you are making use of the basic blackjack strategy and your hand is made up of a 6 and a 10, and the dealer’s face-up card is a 3, you should stand and pray that the dealer ends up going bust. If you have been card counting too and know that most of the cards that have been drawn are low, you can increase your stake.

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How Casinos Counter Card Counting

As we mentioned earlier, casinos hate it when their advantage is lost, which is why they come up with a number of different ways over the years to counter card counting. One solution that they came up with was to increase the number of decks being used, which makes it harder (but not impossible) to keep count of the cards coming out.

Another tactic that they regularly employ is to ask their dealers to shuffle the decks more often. Card counting is not an illegal activity, but casinos do not like it and if they catch you doing it then they have every right to ask you to leave and ban you from returning. So, the key is to get so good at it that you do not get caught.

Why don’t they just remove blackjack entirely? Well, it is because it is such a popular game and they make a lot of money off it still. Moreover, there will be many card counters who are not good at it and they will make mistakes and give the casino extra income. In our view, card counting is a talent so if someone is really good at doing it, then they should not be penalized for it and should be able to make use of their talent.

Spotting one card counter is much easier for a casino than spotting a team of them. It has been proven that card counting is a tactic that can be very successful when done in a team. When working as a team, someone will have the responsibility of counting the cards (they do not even have to be playing) and when they get to a predetermined card value, they will signal to a teammate, who will sit down at the table and start playing. Casinos find this tactic much harder to detect, but they might soon stop players from sitting down at a table until the cards have been shuffled again.

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