Gambling began with simple betting methods before the currency was even invented. Since the beginning, there has always been the issue of gambling cheating. Also, as gambling progressed into modern casinos, cheating in the form of collusion and plotting with the dealer remained common.

Other common ways that people have cheated at casinos include watching the dealer’s hand, discreetly swapping cards, and even stealing chips. As the industry moved online, cheating methods adapted as well.

Casinos could be hacked, and bonuses were abused. Creative methods continuously evolve regarding how to cheat casinos. Fortunately, there are ways of curbing cheating at online casinos.

Reputable sites, such as Casino Online Canada, look for casinos that make use of technological security measures. These measures protect the funds of not only the casino but the clients as well. Our expert, Michelle Thomas, sometimes mentions casino security in her reviews. The protection of funds is one of the most crucial security measures an online casino needs to take.

Abusing The Bonus

As an incentive for signing up, most online casinos offer a welcome bonus. Some of these welcome bonuses provide a 100% match with a wagering requirement. If the bonus is cashable, some gamblers take advantage of this, but if it is a sticky bonus, the profits could only be cashed.

Casinos put measures in place to prevent this, by giving partial credit for games or restricting the play of bonuses to games that have the highest house edge. Bonuses are also abused in terms of non-deposit bonuses.

Small amounts of money are given to clients just for signing up. A common way of cheating is signing up multiple accounts to take advantage of this bonus. Fake IDs are required for this, and since online casinos are generally offshore, they are relatively easy to fool.

To try to reduce this form of abuse, online casinos now require an image as well as an ID. Some casinos also state that deposits and withdrawals can only be made in the name of the person who signed up.


Some gamblers have a unique skill set, where they can detect software vulnerabilities. There are three main ways that a hacker can cheat a casino. The first way involves getting into the system and awarding themselves credit.

The second way is by modifying the probabilities of the game to ensure a win. The third way, which is probably the easiest way, is to hack another user’s account and withdraw their money. Online casinos protect themselves and their clients with security measures as end-to-end encryption that tend to be efficient in combating these actions.

Data encryption scrambles the data so that only the intended recipient’s account deciphers it. In terms of protecting funds, casinos use SSL. This is a technology associated with safeguarding funds. It is also the technology that is used by most banks.

It’s a different story though when it comes to competitive gaming online with games such as Call of Duty or Rainbows Six Siege. Coders at Battlelog for instance, make sure that the hacks they use for the game are reliable and undetected which definitely rules out the possibility of them getting banned from the game.


Collusion was a common form of cheating at physical casinos. When it comes to online casinos, colluding can take place when two people share information about their cards, giving them an advantage over others.

Artificial Intelligence gambling allows the establishment to pick up such suspicious forms of behavioral patterns. These patterns are picked up using algorithms, and artificial intelligence can analyze large sets of data that reduce the chances of colluding being successful. Decisions made at the table, however subtle they may be, reflect patterns. Actions like these raise an alert to the casino, and you may be banned as a result.


As immoral as cheating is, it seems human nature is to engage in this sort of activity to make quick money. Online casinos need to protect themselves against these types of events if they wish to stay in business.

State of the art security technology is used by most of these providers. Technology-based protection offers a higher standard than having staff monitor gaming patterns. AI gambling security, encryption, and SSL are currently the most popular security measures, although 5G may usher in additional types of protection developments as the year progresses.

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