Doesn’t matter how much advanced we have become, even in the third decade of the twenty-first century; we are still consuming forest herbs knowingly or unknowingly in different forms. The majority of modern medicines are still based on them. This relationship between humans and Mother Nature seems to be unbreakable.

Kratom is one of those thousands of herbs that humans have used for centuries to cure deadly diseases and maintain a normal and healthy lifestyle. Kratom herb family is not a medicine actually; people are now adopting it as a lifestyle, just like tea and coffee.

What is Maeng Da Kratom

Most of the chemical processes not only need reactants to produce the desired results, some sort of catalyst or a stimulating factor is also needed, which enhances the speed, output, and overall efficiency of a process. Our body is constructed upon thousands of biochemical reactions. We intake several stimulants, like vitamins, nicotine, and caffeine with our daily diet. Alkaloids are some other naturally found chemical agents which also act as stimulants in our body just like the former ones.

Maeng Da Kratom contains the largest amounts of alkaloids as compared to the other strains. It is quite famous among Kratom enthusiasts as it enhances your brain activity. Many people consume it on exam preparation days.


Three different types of Maeng Da Kratom are found naturally, concerning slight differences in chemical composition. The visual distinction lies in the color of veins of leaves.

The commercially available forms are actually inter-mixtures. The sub-strains are amalgamated to create optimum resultants which then bring desired effects. They are as follows:

Red Maeng Da

It is a blend of the red vein with two-fifth of the white sub-strain. It is the most famous sub-strain of Maeng Da, concerning the number of users.

Green Maeng Da

One-fifth of the total is white as a supplement. It is slightly milder than the other two sub-strains and it is recommended to start your “Maeng Da Tour” with green.

White Maeng Da

Seventy percent of this product is the parent sub-strain and the remaining supplement is green. White Maeng Da settles with comparatively few consumers. Statistically and as per feedback of Kratom fans, white is the least enjoyed? But those who use think none other is better than it.

Consumption Methods

Kratom enthusiasts directly chew the leaves or consume powder as a seasoning on their meals, but of the mild strains only. Maeng Da is quite heady both in taste and chemical activeness, so it is strongly recommended to adopt either of the following methods.


If you belong to a culture where tea is a vital part of daily routine and you also indulge in it, then you are very lucky, because your options are going to get wider. In a repugnant case, you are still lucky; because the tea habit has many benefits other than herbal cures. Just add Maeng Da leaves or powder in hot water and leave it for 4 to 6 minutes and then strain it. To mask the taste you can add honey or lemon as a flavoring. Another choice Maeng Da fans are making is chocolate.


Capsule is certainly, the most convenient way to take any medicine or herb. If you are in a bit more hurry you don’t even need water, just guzzle it down. In the case of Maeng Da Kratom, capsules are probably the most efficient method because it’s the only comfortable way to intake full contents. Tea is just as good as a reflection.

Daily Dosage

Now let’s talk about its dosage. Maeng Da strain of the Kratom is one of the strongest and is not meant for beginners at all. If you are pro of other mild strains, you still need to start from very small.

One capsule per day, that’s it for initiation. Keep it the same for a month at least. If you are planning to consume powder then only one gram per day at the start.

The reason the initial dosage is kept petite is that sudden large intakes cause abrupt chemical and hence hormonal changes in the body, which prove to be fatal for health both in the short and long run.

Best Time of Day for Daily Dose

Stimulants like tea, coffee, and other caffeine drinks are mostly consumed at the start of the day or the moment in twenty-four hours when you feel low but need a push to hold on a bit more.

There is a reason behind it. Such beverages and supplements act instantly to give you the required boost. Maeng Da Kratom is also recommended to be taken along with your breakfast.

Trustable Vendors

It is quite difficult nowadays to find a legitimate and trustable online vendor. Since most people have very minute know-how about such valuable herbs, it is very easy to forge stuff and sell with the name of Kratom.

The quality of the correctly supplied product still remains a concern. Because such stuff can cause severe chemical and emotional imbalances in our body and brain if the ingredients carry even a trivial number of impurities.

To ease your way, we are listing some trusted vendors of Maeng Da Kratom where you can purchase other Kratom strains and sub-strains also:

SA Kratom

They offer capsules and powder of Red and Green and only powder of White sub-strain. Any how SA Kratom is the best vendor to buy maeng da.

Golden Monk

Golden Monk sells only powder form of all three sub-strains of Maeng Da. Maybe the reason is already clear from the name.

Kratom Basket

If you are looking for capsules of White Maeng Da, then Kratom Basket will do for you. Red and green are also available in the same form.

The pricing of all these three vendors is similar and around the average market rate. Moreover, their product quality is tested. Don’t trust me? Well, try for yourself!


Alright my friends, here we are! Now everything I knew about Kratom, I have told you guys too! And from all this information, It is pretty much clear, how this Kratom strain can be good for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to the vendor’s website and order yourself a treat now!

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