Marvel Future Revolution is an upcoming role-playing game developed by Netmarble. Marvel Future Revolution is available for pre-registration and will be released for players in September 2021. The game will be launched with high-quality 3D AAA graphics and contain an open world Action RPG. There will be original stories in the game, and also eight superheroes will be available in the game. Both Android iOS users will be able to enjoy this game. You can also play Marvel Future Revolution on PC by using Android emulators.

Superheroes Guide

Marvel Future Revolution is an upcoming game, and its developers release some notes of this game. The fans of the game are debating about its features and gameplay. Marvel Future Revolution will be released this year in September month. Most of the players are confused about the game’s characteristics and want to know about everything in this game. The most discussed part of this game is its characters. They are thinking about its characters and want to know which characters will be available to launch this game. Some superhero characters will be available in the game on its first epic. We know about its superheroes, and today we will share about its characters in this article. There is a total of eight characters will be available for players. It is a complete character guide for players. So it is the best guide for those players who are waiting for the Marvel Future Revolution game.

Captain America

Captain America is an American superhero with a Shield Wielding. The hero was created by scientific research, and this research aimed to create the best and powerful soldier. The hero is wearing a Vibranium Shield and a blue dress. The shield of this hero helps the players and plays a defense character in the game. It will protect the team by the shield and make the gameplay more interesting.

Marvel Future Revolution Superheroes  Guide


This superhero will be available in Marvel Future Revolution’s first epic. The history of this superhero is that it was a student of web-shooting Scholl in New York City and its name was Peter Parker. The student becomes Superman and gets good power when a genetically mutated spider bite the student. He played a good role in protecting the New York city people from great evils. This best character will be available to the Marvel Future Revolution players. And we hope that you will get good fun from this hero.


The Storm is a Super Hero from African American superheroes selected to feature in Marvel Universe. It is a member of X-man and Avengers and will be available in this upcoming game. It is a great powerful hero who can control Thunder and Lightening. It can also be able to create cyclons. She noticed her mutant power at a young age and joined X-men, and became a member of the mutant elite force.

Marvel Future Revolution Superheroes  Guide (1)


The Star-Lord is a member of Guardian of the Galaxy, and it is a hybrid man with average power. The Ravager clan Kidnapped this from the earth. The character made fame and become an intergalactic outlaw. So here is good news for its fans that this superhero will be available in the upcoming Marvel Future Revolution game.

Doctor Strange

It is a famous morval movies character and will be a feature in this new game. A cocky doctor changed this character’s life, and he becomes a superhero after facing a car accident. After the accident, he searched for his true life purpose, and in the way, he met ” The Ancient One,” his master. He learned Martial Art skills from this master, and he becomes more powerful. Now, this character is protecting the people from evils, a supreme hero. This character will add great fun in this new upcoming Marvel Future Revolution game.

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Iron Man

The Iron Man is a tech robotic suit-wearing Billionaire Scientist and will be available in Marvel Future Revolution. The player will be able to play with this character and enjoy the game. Tony Stark designed its costume. The costume empowered this man, and he got a great power sense. He helped the American people with this power suit. It will also be the best character for new players.

Black Widow

The Black Widow is a Shield Member elite solider with great power. This superhero has no supernatural abilities. And it can down the opponents with hand. The hero is playing the protective role and protecting the city with friends Ant-Man and Black Hawk. It is an expert in using guns and other weapons.

Marvel Future Revolution Superheroes  Guide (3)

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a female character, and players can enjoy this character in Marvel Future Revolution. This character was sent to earth to play the role of spy. But when she fell in human-kind love and protect the earth from Kree. He is one of the best characters in the Marvel Future Revolution game.

Marvel Future Revolution Superheroes  Guide (4)

Can I Play Marvel Future Revolution on PC?

Marvel Future Revolution is an upcoming game, and players think they can play this game on PC. Like other games, the player can also play Marvel Future Revolution on PC with the same method. First, they need to download an Android emulator, and then play Marvel Future Revolution on PC. There are several emulators available globally, but the fastest Android emulator is LDPlayer.

What is LDPlayer?

It is an Android emulator, and its function is to help PC game lovers in PC gaming. It contains all Android games, and you can download any game on your PC with this emulator. It has quality graphics and a simpler user-friendly interface. It is safe and has a smaller size. It has a fast gaming system.


How to download LDPlayer?

1. Visit the official website of the LDPlayer Android emulator.

2. Click on the LDPlayer emulator and tap the download button.

3. Install it after downloading.

4. Open LDPlayer and play your favorite games on PC.

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