Whether you are an advocate for gambling and casino based games being front and center in the media. Whether that be on sports team shirt sponsors, advertisements on TV, or conventional means such as billboards and such. What has to be admitted is that these games have a cavalcade of avid users. They make a great deal of money every business day, and they see to be growing in popularity as well.

These companies usually create games that appeal to many demographics. Whether that be through themed games based on TV, for example. Or perhaps through targeted ads and one time deals using cookies on your hardware that you use to browse the web. If you show any signs of interest in gambling and casino based activities, then rest assured that these companies will find a way to advertise their product to you.

If you have a level head and can step away from the table when the chips are down, then this isn’t too much of a worry for you. It’s a bit of harmless fun for a large number of people. Though, for many that cannot stop when things turn sour, these games can be dangerous and life-threatening. Which is exactly what casino apps rely on to make their money. The pitfalls that surround these games are scary and can have massive consequences. So we’ve put together a list of some things to be wary of when playing these games. We don’t want to spoil your fun; we just want to make you mindful and keep you safe. Here are some things to watch out for.

The House Always Wins

One thing to take into account is that all the games you will play are slightly rigged towards the house. Each game has a set fail percentage that has nothing to do with luck or skill. Meaning that in some cases, you’ll have lost your next bet before it has even happened.

Though you have to accept this fact, if you want to play these titles, you can at least play this to your advantage. Some games will have a higher set failure percentage than others. So you can try and play games that offer the best chances. Card games tend to have a low percentage with the likes of blackjack having a 1.5% fail percentage. While if you play slots, for example, the lowest percentage you can expect is 2% and it can rise to as high as 10%. Which means that every one in ten spins is an automatic loss.

What we do not suggest is that you play something that you don’t understand or have the skill set to do. If you try that, it may work out even worse for you. So study the percentages of all the games that you know well and see which one will work out best for you—giving you the best chance of getting one over on the house.

CEO of Zamedia N.V. Erik King recently stated that you should always play cautiously to avoid getting ripped off by online casinos.

The RTP gets on the advantage by online casinos the second you play for more than you deposited.

If you are looking for legitimate slot sites with trusted reviews, you should check out Erik King’s website Zamsino.

Keeping you hooked

The most common ploy from betting and casino based companies to keep players engaged come through their deals and offers. These companies will use offers such as double bet bonuses, free bets, or money-back guarantees to get players to put a stake into their online wallet. This is mainly targeting those that are potential new customers or customers that were once frequent users that have stopped using the service.

Though what isn’t advertised quite as clear about these deals is the terms and conditions. These deals will often have large delays in their payout, only be relevant for very specific bets or game types and may require you to put in a larger amount of funds over time to make avail of the offer. This often leads to players putting in a stake, not receiving any incentive and ultimately, getting hooked on the product without the benefit of the offer.

So what we suggest before you get sucked back into the casino gameplay loop, is read the fine print. Make sure that you jump through all the hoops that the offer asks for. Then you’ll be able to make the offer count, then perhaps you can drop back out of the service if it doesn’t work out rather than chasing the reward you lost out on with more bets. Don’t be swindled because of the small print, read it, and get what’s yours.

Know Your Opponents

When it comes to the likes of online poker or similar card games, often the player will not be up against real people, when playing at a table with what seems like real profiles with unique names and profile pictures. More often than not, these are simply borrowed assets from existing members of the casino site. Who you are really playing against are bots.

These bots are optimized in their approach to each game, with smart AI and the ability to play in the most effective way. Meaning that human error is not something that you will regularly see on these games. So each mistake that you make in these games is usually punished.

Not all casino sites operate this way, but a large number of them do. So it is essential for the player to do their due diligence on each platform. Assess what way each game is carried out and ensure that you are playing against who they say you are.

It’s A Trap

Many of these sites also offer a free to play version for a number of their games. These tend to be a no-cost and stress-free way to learn how to play the game before you begin investing real-life money. For this purpose, we can not fault the sites for doing this, its a good feature. Though what is not made clear to players is that the odds are significantly different in each version.

In the free versions, the odds will be very much in the player’s favor, allowing them to win much more than they normally would and giving them a false sense of security and achievement which they carry into the new, paid game mode. This then leads to a heightened level of confidence, usually higher bets and, therefore, bigger losses for the players.

Though we do suggest, you use these versions first to learn how to use the game modes. We do encourage a level of caution when you enter the real thing. Bide your time, exercise caution, and you’ll have more chance of coming out on top.

There are our tips and tricks to avoid the pitfalls of casino gambling sites and find fun from their services. Are there any tips that you would suggest? What are your views on casino games as a whole? Who do you feel is the best casino site around? Let us know in the comments and thank you for reading




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