Before buying jewelry, there are a lot of factors to consider: the type of item, the various materials used for the piece, the price, the characteristics (such as brightness, resistance, and versatility), and of course, the most important thing, the design. This is why the best choice is to opt for Italian jewelry. Thanks to its culture, artistic heritage, long tradition of craftsmanship, and its unmatchable fashion style, Italy is one of the countries with a fascinating offer in jewelry. It combines high-quality materials with a keen and contemporary design, as proved by prestigious brands that are famous all around the world.

So here are three design trends that will make you fall in love with Italian jewelry.

Colored gemstones, the playful Italian jewelry design

One of the upcoming trends that really channels the dolce vita style is the combination of gold or silver-plated jewelry with Coloured Gemstones. This design is an innovative twist on classic gemstone items that brings freshness, brightness, and sophistication to your outfits. A more playful and impactful approach without losing preciousness and class.

This trend is perfect for necklaces, where the chain is silver or gold, and the pendant is made of green, light blue, yellow, pink, and white gemstones (for example, zirconia), but also for bracelets and rings where a single color emerges from a solid base. Particularly beautiful are the silver and deep green combo or the gold and light blue one.

This type of Italian jewelry will be a great addition to your style.

Pearls, the elegant Italian jewelry design 

For a more traditional style with a contemporary approach, one of the latest Italian jewelry trends is Pearls. Pearls are used as luminous highlight points that elevate the most basic items, as a simple yet fascinating effect to elevate your style. Another amazing feature of this design is that it works flawlessly with any base color: silver, gold, or rose gold are all emphasized by the white of the pearls in a fashionable piece of jewelry. You can choose from an all-pearl necklace or bracelets alternated with little stones or a classic ring with one pearl. But there are also new designs that include charms and pendants along with pearls as well. You can find this design in many items: necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, too.

Composable link, the contemporary Italian jewelry design

A must-have in Italian jewelry is composable link jewelry. A relatively new technique that has soon taken over the Italian trends, it’s easy, stylish, and perfect for everyday wear.

The composable link jewelry consists of tiny plaques or charms made in stainless steel that allow you to create your own piece. You can choose from a wide variety of letters, symbols, and icons to personalize your item and get a unique bracelet or watch. Stainless steel guarantees resistance, high quality, and versatility since it can be combined with gold, rose gold, or gemstones.

This Italian trend is also perfect as a gift for special occasions and can also be changed any time you want in order to better express yourself or celebrate personal events.

It revolutionizes the way you see jewelry.

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