If you have been experiencing difficulties in bed with your partner, chances are one of you is experiencing some type of sexual dysfunction. This is not uncommon, at all. Studies suggest that 44% of women and 33.8% of men, all in their early adulthood phase, are experiencing sex-related problems. The risks are only about to increase as they age since they become more susceptible to diseases and situations that can cause these sexual dysfunctions.

Sexual dysfunctions in males include difficulty in achieving erection (erectile dysfunction), low sex drive, pain disorders, and ejaculation disorders (premature ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation). These dysfunctions not only pertain to various health conditions but also tend to affect your intrapersonal relationship with yourself and your interpersonal relationship with your partner. It only further worsens the situation and your mental health, if not addressed properly.

To give you further information, listed down below is the most common causes of sexual dysfunction in men.

Medical Conditions

There are some health disorders or diseases that can cause sexual disorders. Among them are urological cancer, increased blood pressure, and cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Diabetes, specifically, affects one’s sexual stimulations due to nerve damage that neurologically causes erectile dysfunction. Men who have diabetes are also noticed to have lower levels of testosterone.


There are also drug medications that cause low libido and erectile dysfunction as side effects. These drugs include anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications, blood pressure medications, etc. If you have been experiencing sexual dysfunctions while on medication, consult your doctor immediately.

Poor Lifestyle Choices

Men who have vices are more prone to sexual dysfunctions. Regular smoking of cigarettes and consuming higher amounts of drugs and alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction, as well as other sexual disorders.

Anxiety and Depression

Major psychological causes of sexual disorders are anxiety and depression. Either you’re anxious about your sexual performance or something else, it can affect the stimulation of arousal and erection. Those who are depressed are also likely to have a lower sex drive than usual as they lose interest in any sexual activity.

Severe Stress

Severe stress caused by work can also affect your performance in bed. If you have too m things in your mind, you can be disinterested in the idea of having sex with your partner. Stress also lowers the levels of testosterone which results in erection difficulties.

Relationship Conflicts

Interpersonal conflicts between you and your partner may affect your sexual relationship. It decreases your sexual desire and the likelihood of arousal during intercourse. If you have been having a hard time in bed, maybe you can talk about your issues first with your partner to avoid worsening the situation.

Lack of Confidence

Your lack of confidence in your performance can affect your overall sexual abilities and will cause poor results. This is likely to happen more to men who are having intercourse for the first time. Just focus on your partner and believe in yourself. It will help if you try communicating with each other on your desires.

Although the rate of men experiencing sexual dysfunction is slightly lower than women, this does not mean that their situation must be overlooked. If you or your male partner is struggling with the sexual-aspect of your relationship, do not hesitate to ask for help from professionals and shop for remedies. Treatments for sexual dysfunctions will only help improve your relationship as you satisfy each other both physically and emotionally.

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