Vice President Biden:

You believe that you would be a better President than President Trump.  You believe that in the November election that the American people should vote for you instead of President Trump.

Are you truly the leader that the American people need at this time or are you just a backseat President?  Is voting for you the right choice or is it more of a gamble than playing roulette on an online casino site?

As the saying goes …

“The proof of the pudding is under the crust.”

“Actions speak louder than words.”

Or as Benjamin Franklin said, “If we do not hang together, we will surely hang separately.”

Vice President Biden, it is time for you to stop speaking and to start acting.  If you want to be the President of the United States come November, then you need to start acting like the President of the United States, now!

In other words, get on a plane, and get yourself to Washington, D.C. Sit down with President Trump, and start brainstorming with him to come up with the best solutions to solve the current problems that our country is facing. It does not matter if the two of you agree.  It does not matter if the two of you disagree. What matters is that the two of you are brainstorming together to come up with a plan of action from the best ideas from both of you.

Then do a joint press conference. The people who are going to vote for Trump no matter what are going to listen to Trump. The people who are going to vote for Biden no matter what are going to listen to Biden. As for the middle people, if both of you are saying the same thing, they will listen.  If you are saying different things, then the people will listen to both of your views on the situation and make an educated decision – that is the way that America works.

Are you ready Biden to stop being a backseat President and start being a co-President, which is what our country needs right now?

The US is in the position that it is in right now because the country had too much internal bickering during December, January, and February and we lost focus.  That is why our enemy (this virus) was able to take advantage of us.  Both sides are at fault, so both sides need to work together to fix the problem.

You may say, “Having a co-President has never happened before”.  I will then reply, “What happened in the US during December, January and February had happened before.”

In December, January, and February our country was torn apart in an extreme way.  It now needs to be brought back together in an extreme way as well.  The old ways will not work in this situation, and both sides know that.

So Vice President Biden, are you ready to be the President that we all hope that you are and be a co-President / partner with President Trump? Or are you just going to continue to be a backseat President who will lose by a landslide in November and just become a notation in the history books?

President Trump signed the Wartime Act that helps companies that are normally competitors to work together for the betterment of the country.  President Trump agreed it was the right choice, and the Democrat leadership agreed it was the right choice.

So wouldn’t it make sense that this state of cooperation should extend between the two top presidential candidates?  Are you really doing what is in the best interest of the United States by working against President Trump instead of working in partnership with President Trump?

Just like the government can now force private companies to work together for the betterment of the country under the Wartime Act, can the American people force the two of you to work together for the betterment of the country?  Or do you believe that you are personally exempt from this state of cooperation?

Vice President Biden, President Trump, Make history.  Work together and create a story that the American people will be proud to tell their children and their grandchildren.

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