Industry experts maintain that the business world has a long journey ahead to get to where we were before Covid struck.

Social distanced interactions and reliance on technology is the ‘new normal,’ and this is not likely to change in the foreseeable future.

This realization has led many B2B enterprises to embrace new policies in order to restructure and re-align vital organizational pillars such as communication, product development, and marketing with the new realities.

Still, the question remains, “How can B2B sales teams push sales volumes up?” Below are some strategies that B2B marketers can adopt to combat the new post-pandemic environment.

Reset Your Sales and Marketing Strategies

Just after the pandemic hit, in 2020, many B2B companies came up with grand plans that they thought would see them through the post-pandemic era.

However, the world is different now (August) than it was in January 2021. The strategies created then will not be effective now or in the next eight months.

With this in mind, there seems to be no other choice than to adapt strategies that will help you out-maneuver the rest of the market.

‘Plan for the worst and prepare for the best.’

To make strategies that will effectively work for your company, you need to consider the aspects of your business that were mainly affected by the pandemic (positively and negatively) and act accordingly.

B2B companies need to find alternatives for in-person lead generation since restrictions on social gathering prohibit in-person sales meetings.

The uncertainty of when things will go back to how they were, calls for this shift.

Focus on Addressing Customer Needs

The current business climate requires B2B salespersons to exhibit creativity and thoughtfulness that resonates with the clients.

Your customer acquisition strategies should;

  • Be empathetic- The pandemic messed with people’s livelihood, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. When approaching your prospects, showcase empathy and address your care and concern for their well-being.
  • Deter whether you are an essential or a non-essential for their business- If your services or products are mission-critical to your prospects’ business, then pursue them until they buy what you are selling.
  • Make use of case studies – Prepare specific examples for industries vertically connected to your client’s interests and leverage them.
  • Plan for the inevitable- You are likely to get this reaction from some prospects, so you should have a pre-crafted response for objections.Train your sales team to be prepared for conversations that start like this;

‘Because of the untold effects of Covid 19, we are cutting costs across the departments, so I am afraid we cannot evaluate new solutions at the moment.’

Pivot to Match Your Clients’ Pivot

Your clients’ needs have certainly changed in the last 15 or so months. During the pandemic, some of your prospects gained sales, some lost, and others reestablished themselves ultimately.

When you understand how your clients have been forced to change, you can only provide services and goods that are well suited for their needs.

A new financial, emotional, health, and mental dynamic was introduced during the pandemic and has become the new norm.

Just the way you have had to re-evaluate your business strategies, most companies have done the same. Therefore, the way you used to relate to them in the past is not the same way you can now.

Hold the ‘difficult’ conversations with your business prospects and find strategies well suited for your interactions in the present and future.

Harness the use of Virtual Events and Campaigns

Gone are the days when including social media in the strategic planning of a company was an option.

With more and more companies moving their operations online, it is imperative to stand out. An online presence is not enough.

You need to outshine your competitors and bring an edge to the market that they do not have.

Social media influencers marketing is effective, with 89% of marketers reporting a higher ROI than other marketing strategies.

Influencers tap into the target audience’s psyche by selling products as part of their tribe and leading the audience to identify with the products or services they are selling.

Cold calling is another effective way of B2B marketing. It involves contacting new prospects to get leads.

Email marketing is another form of virtual campaign that can direct traffic to your online platforms.

A good email campaign should be interactive, with a catchy subject, and clear objectives.

Whether the campaign is intended to educate, announce, or present a pitch, the strategy significantly heightens brand awareness.

With traveling restrictions imposed on many countries, webinars have become a ‘go-to’ for meetings. They offer clients the opportunity to learn new skills or improve their knowledge.

80% of marketers submit to the fact video marketing directly drove sales.

Communicate With and Motivate Your Team

It is imperative that as a B2B sales leader you ensure that your team is efficiently informed, trained, and motivated primarily during post-pandemic.

They should have the information drive they require to succeed. Therefore, ensure

  • Proactive communication- For effective B2B sales, educate your sales and marketing team on current organization trends and expectations. Do not throw your people to the ‘wolves’ without a means of protecting themselves. More changes are yet to come in the following months, and the best thing you can do for your team is to arm them with the resources they will need to handle it.
  • You do not play on fear- Be human, acknowledge that everyone has been affected by the pandemic, so consider your team’s situation. Be compassionate and offer your support so they can do their job well.
  • Keep the team incentivized- These keep your team motivated and engaged. When you make changes, explain to them why and the importance of your actions to the company’s overall success.
  • Double up on recurring meetings-Increase your current meeting schedules and encourage communication and engagement both vertically and horizontally.
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