Discord has emerged as a lifesaver for gamers as most of the in-game voice chat is not so good. Discord works as the best supporting app to communicate while playing. Not only for games but you can also use it as a primary texting app with your friends, create servers, add bots and do more fun. 

As the app revolves around connecting gamers, it has various chat features such as text formatting, sending gifs, stickers, images and more. Even after so many features, you must be wondering how to quote someone on discord. Well, this is where discord lacks in as compared to its competitive apps like Slack and other apps, there was no proper method to quote someone on discord other than using code blocks or chatbots. 

But, with the recent update, discord has brought in this feature and today, we will be discussing how it actually works. 

how to quote someone on discord

How to Quote Someone on Discord? 

The new feature update of discord lets you quote users on every platform, which means you can quote people on iOS, Android and desktop app. This article revolves around quoting chat mates in the discord app for mobile. Let us discuss further on how to quote someone on discord. 

Method 1: Single Line quotes In Discord Mobile 

Single line quoting refers to quoting someone in just a single line, when you don’t use the next line button on your typing keyboard.  

single line quote on discord


To use single line quoting, you need to type in the “>” symbol hit space and type in your quote.  

Method 2: Multi-line Quoting in Discord Mobile 

Multi-line quoting refers to quoting something which may contain lines breaks and is basically a series of a paragraph. This can be done by using the “>” symbol after every paragraph which later turns out to be a little annoying. 

But, in order to quote the entire paragraph, you can use “>>>” hit space and quote your entire rant. However, there’s no method to end this quote in the message so you will have to send the message and type in the new one. 

multi line quote on discord


Multi-line quoting works slightly different on the desktop as “>” will quote the entire paragraph and similarly, “>>>” will also quote the whole paragraph. To convert it into a single line quoting, hit return and then backspace to start typing the text normally. 

Method 3: Using a Quote Bot 

This is a convenient method to quote text in a server as per the survey of various communities in discord. If you are the admin of a server, you can do this by adding a bot to every string where you want to quote someone. 

We have listed down the best working bots to quote someone on discord: 

  • CitationBot 
  • Bot Quote 

Wrapping Up:

Therefore, these are the methods through which you can quote someone on discord. In this article, we discussed the various methods to single quote and multi-quote someone on discord on the mobile app as well as desktop app. 

We also shared a list of bots that a server admin can add in the server to let everyone quote easily without using any commands. If you know any other method or need any assistance on this topic, drop a comment.

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