Using bots to trade cryptocurrencies has become a common process for many crypto enthusiasts. With their help, you can simplify your life and stop doing some routine steps, which is where automated tools assist a lot. Their functionality is extensive, including analyzing data, placing purchase orders based on given parameters, tracking market dynamics, and much more.

In addition to the fact that users benefit personally from crypto trading bots, they can also be “rented” to other users. Traders understand that their activities will only benefit from the use of such software, but one should also not forget to analyze such factors as safety, reliability, optimal cost, and some other selection criteria that were taken into account when compiling this rating. So if you also want to gain benefit from crypto trading bots, this list was created for your better insight.

Top 6 Bots for Productive Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency can be used online and is accepted by businesses to pay for services and goods, from paying for coffee to investing in blockchain projects. It is also widely used in the gaming field, for example, for video games, casinos and their paid and free online slots no download needed, etc. But in order to increase your cryptocurrency savings, you need to be able to trade correctly, including with the help of bots.


Therefore, it is very important that from the very beginning, users do not have any problems with understanding the interface (as while using Coinrule). This bot is perfect for beginners to get acquainted with simple strategies and more difficult approaches. It is based on the IF This Then That configuration model, which allows the user to customize the work of the bot to fit their needs. Coinrule has taken all necessary measures to ensure that users can operate in a secure environment with encryption applied for user authentication and key management, enhanced protection against DDoS attacks, and avoid collecting personal data of users who use Stripe to process payments.


Those who choose the Bitsgap trading bot for their purposes will be able to try out the demo trading mode. Thus, based on real market data, users will be able to get a more detailed idea of how everything works here absolutely free. The bot is supported on many exchanges, including Binance, YoBit, Bitfinex, Gemini, Bitstamp, KuCoin, Okex, Huobi, and provides its services to users from all over the world.

In order to get access to more useful features, you can choose one of three packages that differ from each other in the number of bots, the presence of arbitrage, the availability of support, and so on. The Bitsgap bot is perfect for those who like having many options for asset portfolio management, trade types, trading signals, and appreciate the ease of use.


This is another bot that takes crypto trading to a new level. It allows you to respond to market fluctuations in time, preventing losses from volatility. It is one of the long-running automated tools that offer tangible help with a lot of automated features and strategies for profitable trading. This option is more suitable for experienced traders who can take advantage of the bot’s capabilities to the maximum. And for starters, they are offered a two-week trial period.

Haasbot can work in standard mode, make the necessary comparisons between different exchanges to generate more income in the future, and also get programmed exclusively to make orders. For the security of user data, the bot uses SSL encryption while trading data is securely stored in the cloud. The bot helps minimize various risks and, at the same time, select algorithms and tools based on the experience of other successful models.


If your goal is a low commission for trading and free bots, then Pionex will perfectly cater to your needs. In the meantime, the number of bots and tools on this platform is constantly growing: there are bots with a range, with leverage, margin, an upper and lower limit, acting on the TWAP principle, and so on. Pionex, which currently operates 12 bots, is mainly focused on the Binance and Huobi Global exchanges. The level of user expertise is not required to be high here, and therefore, it will be useful for beginners in eliminating mistakes and helping them systematically achieve targets.

It is worth noting that users can perform manual buying and selling operations. For convenience and customization, watchlists, real-time market cap tracking, full access to trading history, switching between light and dark modes, and other important features are available. Pionex offers different ways to communicate like telegram chat, email, and website chat. This is an ideal option for people who are far from coding and trading but who want to stay tuned on the crypto wave 24/7.


Customize your own bot with the necessary configurations or use the potential of the two available bots is the choice of the RevenueBOT clients. The tool works on Binance, Poloniex, KuCoin, Kraken, HitBTC, EXMO,, Bittrex, among others, and offers a convenient service through cloud storage, volatility indicators, trading signals, switching trading pairs. A demo mode for trading training is also available. By offering to customize their bot to each user personally, the platform can also share instructions with a detailed description of how to do it.

Here you can also use the Mentoring tab, where, depending on the experience of traders, they can give advice to less experienced partners for a certain amount. The bot offers a quick reaction if there are downtimes in trading pairs and regroups them. RevenueBOT boasts no fees, offers the security of use, and the ability to personally track statistics.


Hop on and start trading the easy way with this bot creation and management platform. The classic version allows you to set up different parameters of sales and purchases, as well as use the Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters. Before launching the bot algorithms, users have the opportunity to set them right in test mode. So far, the platform supports 75 cryptocurrencies and offers a month trial period as part of the Pioneer plan; by switching to more advanced plans, users can access more positions, selected coins, TA interval, arbitrage, market making, and other services.

CryptoHopper can be granted access to the user’s account on the exchanges through the API so that it can conclude transactions without user intervention, based on the established rules. It will not be difficult for beginners to understand the operation of the platform and choose the settings for themselves using 30 indicators and about 100 trading patterns, and more advanced professionals will be able to customize the strategies in more depth through programming.

Choose a Crypto Trading Bot According to Your Preferences

As you can see, crypto bots do an excellent job with multitasking, and at the same time, they do not get tired and can work efficiently even around the clock. Among these tools, there are options for both beginners and those who have been in the industry for several years. Start your acquaintance with simpler bots, and over time, you will become an advanced trader.

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