Did you also hear the news of Ray Donovan getting canceled? But guys here is some good news for you. Ray Donovan is getting renewed for its eighth season and soon you will be able to catch up with your favorite axed drama. The show’s lead actor, Liev Schreiber has given some hope to the fans. Even though there is no official word out, we can still keep hopes for the last and final season.

Here are all the details that we know so far about Ray Donovan season 8.

Ray Donovan Season 8- Renewed or Cancelled?

Till the 4th of February, we knew that there will be no new season of Ray Donovan. There were rumors that the show is getting canceled. But the Donovan star broke big news giving hopes to all the Donovanians. It seems that Showtime is finally listening to the pleas of the fans and giving the show a second chance.

Here is the post shared by Liev Schreiber on his social media handle. The news is not officially confirmed but the actor feels that there is some luck. After running successfully for a six-and-a-half-year the show was canceled. But Ray Donovan Seasons 8 ‘s release date hasn’t been announced yet.


Ray Donovan Season 8- What is it About?

Even though we are not sure that Season 8 will happen or not, we have some theories of what will happen in this new season. Since it is going to be the final season, we expect an emotional and mental closure that all the characters deserve. Here are a few treads that Ray Donovan Season 8 might address-

In the entire series, Mike has made some really painful decisions, and so what will happen to Mike. And so will he be able to live with the acknowledgment and guilt? Also in the last season, Terry was shown at the top of the Empire State building. And so in Season 8, we can expect his motive and further actions.

ray donovan season 8 release date

Lastly, Ray, the guy who is actually running the show, will he be able to cope with the mental trauma? What will be his end?

All these questions are still unanswered and we expect them to be answered in the last and final season.

Ray Donovan Season 8

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Wrapping Up

We are hoping that soon some official news will be released regarding the status of the show. In the meantime, let us just hope for renewal and enjoy the previous seasons. Do you also want a Ray Donovan Season 8 renewal?

Share your views on the show with us in the comment section.

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