This article talks about executable files which come along with Windows Softwares – dashost.exe files. These files at times hog your CPU Memory and system execution and create few errors. In this article, we will be talking about what is dashost.exe Windows 10 and how can you resolve dashost.exe Windows 10 malware.

Let’s start, shall we?

Dashost.exe that is Device association framework provider host is an executable file for the Windows operating system and it comes pre-installed with the Windows software in your personal computers. And let me tell you that you should not remove it or delete it as it is important for certain operations. However is it 100 per cent clean and free from virus? Multiple dashost.exe files can hog your CPU and the system.

Many of you would be thinking what is dashost.exe? I’m sure some of you would be hearing about the dashost.exe files for the first time. So let us investigate further to know more about it. 

What is dashost.exe?

Many people stuck up on this question- dashost.exe, what is it?

We know that it is a Device association framework provider host. But what does it mean?

This file is an essential part of the system as it helps to connect any wired or wireless device to the respective system. It is proved to be safe and completely harmless to be kept in the system. Although it may not indicate the working status we can know whether it is working or not by checking the task manager. It is considerably a Win 32 executable file.

It works in the LOCAL SERVICE account. Executable files are crucially relevant and maintenance of the operating system is nearly impossible without them. They run automatically whenever a related software to the file is running in the background. We can externally run it by using a command or MS-DOS. 

Importance of Dashost.exe

The dashost.exe is very essential for the computer system as it enables pairing between the system and the wired or wireless devices. This service was first introduced in Windows 8 and then followed by all other versions. It is also available in Windows XP and Windows 7. The framework of the system makes it feasible for connecting and installing in network-connected devices, more correctly when connected by the bus algorithm to the computer.

The file will make multiple copies in the details of the task manager and the duplicates will always be equal to the number of devices connected to it. It is known that sometimes it also causes many problems and makes the system lag periodically.

How to Identify Dashost Malware?

Now that you know what is dashost.exe, let us know how it is different from malware. There are various ways by which you can identify the malware in your system. Some of them are –

Location of dashost.exe

The most convenient way to identify the virus which has entered the system as dashost.exe is by checking the location of the file. The following are the steps to do so.

Step 1- Search for the file location of dashost.exe. The original file will exist in this C:\Windows\System32\dashost.exe location only. 

Step 2- If the dashost.exe file belongs to any other location then it is definitely malware.

how to resolve dashost.exe latest 2021 guide

If the file is found in the user profile directory then it indicates that the malware has already entered your computer system.

File Size

The dashost.exe doesn’t typically require much space. It only requires a space of up to 10 MB. If the size of the file exceeds this limit then it is definitely a virus. You should do the necessary checks once you come across this.


Two similar name files can never be in one folder and this is a well-known fact. It is observed that mostly in the fear of identification, the viruses manage to take place in the system32 folder by a minor change in their name. The name will be slightly arranged so that it can stay in the same folder as dashost.exe and can easily corrupt the original file. You should keep a check on this and look out for matching names.

System Lag

Many times we cannot identify the malware by the above-mentioned methods, so we need to check the performance of the system wisely. You need to notice whenever you connect any device to your system. Does it take much time to install? If yes then examine the computer. It may also happen that your system will freeze, or it will lag automatically as the computer is turned on. If yes then you may presumably have a malware installed on your computer system.

Number of Duplicates

Whenever you have a doubt, check in the task manager. If multiple dashost.exe are working and this is higher than the number of devices connected to the computer then you have a problem for sure.

how to resolve dashost.exe latest 2021 guide

CPU Capability

Usually, dashost.exe doesn’t use more than 1-3% of CPU capability. But if it is using more than 40% then you need to check for malware in your system.

Spam Emails

As the executable files are common in a particular system, so no one usually checks them often. Hackers utilize this loophole as their key for getting into the system. They habitually use spam emails, spam messages or websites to release the virus or malware, that can track down your online data and internet history easily. They send these files and if they have entered your system then multiple error messages will pop-up in your system while your PC is initially turned on.

What are the Errors Caused by dashost.exe Windows 10, 8.1, 7 and XP?

You may have wondered what is dashost.exe Windows 10 or what is dashost.exe Windows 8 ?

As discussed above, multiple hackers manipulate the executable files as their key to enter our systems which leads to error messages.

After the malware enters the system, it corrupts the file and eats up all the data. In order to get the location in the system32 folder, it manipulates, corrupts or deletes the original file so that even after multiple processes we cannot identify the actual problem.

It leads to error alerts when the system is turned on.

Whenever the error alerts will pop up it will deliver one of the following messages:

  • dashost.exe file is missing.
  • dashost.exe file is not working.
  • file not found: dashost.exe
  • dashost.exe file not loaded.

The system gets turned on and if you are getting error messages regarding corrupt dashost.exe file then kindly solve the problem by troubleshooting it with the help of the steps given below.

How to Resolve dasHost.exe Malware?

Step 1- The most classic method to solve the problem is that just go to Task Manager by typing in the run command and end the task of dashost.exe by right-clicking on it. It will end the process of the doshost.exe but the system automatically resumes it for the further process.

how to resolve dashost.exe latest 2021 guide

Step 2- Never ever delete the dashost.exe file. It is very important for the system, and it is completely harmless. Even if still the system lags and you have to delete it, make sure that you reinstall it from the Windows operating system.

NOTE: Never download executable files from any other sources. They have a huge number of viruses that can corrupt your system, and this will lead to more problems. Always download the doshost.exe file from the Windows Operating System.

Step 3- It may happen as multiple devices are attached to the system at once, more than one dashost.exe will run in the task manager. But they might sometimes cause spikes and glitches in the CPU. In this case, you can resolve this by the task manager method.

Step 4- Consistently use a certified and licensed antivirus or anti-malware so that it is easy to find out about the malware in your system.

Step 5- Constantly keep your Windows Updated. Sometimes when we have an updated version of Windows then it lacks drivers which leads to spikes in the CPU. 

Step 6- Update the windows and check the drivers by going to the Device Manager. If you perceive anything with a yellow sign then it is a sign of non-functional drivers. Reinstall a slightly lower version of it, and it will be removed.

Step 7- You can also scan for malware in your own computer. Run a malware test on the dashost.exe by going to the Task Manager, right-click on the dashost.exe file and click on scan with Windows Defender.

Wrapping Up

The dashost.exe is a very essential file. It helps to connect wireless or wired devices to your system. If it is effaced from the system then you will encounter problems connecting anything. If you notice any error regarding this Windows process then simply go ahead and solve it.

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