Facebook-owned WhatsApp is a popular messaging platform that you will find in everyone’s phone. In 2018, WhatsApp introduced a new feature of deleting the sent messages. It is one feature that we all were eagerly waiting for. However, this new feature is not perfect. Yes, you can read those important messages that were deleted either accidentally or on purpose. There are different hacks that you can use to see deleted WhatsApp messages, and today we are going to share some with you.

This is one feature that is liked by all as you can delete your messages, photos, videos. But the other person will definitely know that you have deleted something. This is because it shows the message “This message was deleted.” So now you can either ask the person about the deleted message or recover it yourself.

In the following article, we will be covering the ways by which you can see deleted WhatsApp messages.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages?

The new feature of WhatsApp that lets you delete your chat message within one hour is something everyone wanted. You can delete your messages easily in three simple steps. If you don’t know it still yet, check out the process here-

Step 1- Open the WhatsApp chat in which you want to delete a message.

Step 2- Then press the particular message you want to delete. And from the two options- Delete for Everyone and Delete for Me, choose the former one.

Step 3- As you click on the option, your message will be deleted. And instead of the message, you will be able to see- “This message was deleted” as the residual message.

So now the receiver will not be able to see the message that you had sent. However, if the receiver is using WhatsApp for iOS, they will be able to see if the deleted message you shared was a media file.

How to See Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

There are various ways by which you can read the deleted WhatsApp messages. Apart from the WhatsApp chat backup option, you can also use third-party applications. Check out the three methods with which you can read deleted WhatsApp messages,

Method 1- Use WhatsApp Chat Backup Option

The first way to recover your deleted chat is by using the WhatsApp chat backup option. At 2 AM, every night WhatsApp Chat backup occurs by default. You can change the setting to daily, weekly, or monthly as you want. The best option is to have a daily chat backup so that you save all your chats before the next day’s backup occurs.

see deleted messages on Whatsapp by chat backup option

You can enable the backup option from Settings> Chat> Chat Backup. That’s it. Now every time you accidentally delete a chat, it will be backed up by the app.

Method 2- See Deleted Messages from Notification Bar

Another way to read the deleted messages on WhatsApp is by manually entering the notification log. The method is quite simple, just follow the given steps-

Step 1- Press the Home-screen for long and enter into widgets. Then select the Settings widget from the different options.

See Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Notification Bar

Step 2- Pull the Setting widget on your screen. New options will pop-up, from which click on Notification log.

Step 3- This will change your settings, and so now whenever you will click on this setting widget, you will be directed to the notification history directly.

Step 4- You will be able to see the notifications as soon as you will open the notification log. And remember, that all the details of the message except the text will open here.

Method 3- See Deleted Messages using WhatsRemoved+ App

There are various third-party applications that you can use to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on your Android phone. Here are the simple steps to use WhatsRemoved+ App to see the messages that were deleted before you could see it.

Step 1- Go to the Google Play store, and download the WhatsRemoved+ application.

Step 2- Launch the app and grant all the app permissions required. Now choose the app that you want the WhatsRemoved+ app to track.

Step 3- So here, you need to choose WhatsApp. This will make the WhatsRemoved+ app follow its notifications.

Step 4- Also when the app asks you whether you want to save the detected deleted files, then click on the “Yes, save files.”

see deleted WhatsApp messages using WhatsRemoved+ app

Step 5- The app will be set and now it will detect all the deleted messages from the selected apps.

There are various other apps like Notification History, WAMR- Recover deleted messages, View Deleted Messages and Photo Recovery, and WhatsDeleted that you can use to recover those suspicious messages.

Limitations of Third-Party Apps-

There are certain limitations of the third-party applications that you use to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp. Here are some of the-

  • The first 100 characters are only visible of the message.
  • The notification is available only for some hours. And so after a given time, you won’t be able to retrieve the messages.
  • In case you are using a cleaner to erase the notification, then message retrieval is not possible. Even if you restart your device, you won’t be able to read it.
  • Lastly, only text messages can be seen again. Videos and images cannot be recovered if the sender has deleted it.

Wrapping Up

So now you can check all the messages that your friend or cousin or your crush had deleted. Let us know the method or app you are using to see the deleted WhatsApp messages on Android.

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