The use of digital technology is not a luxury nowadays, but a necessity for small and medium businesses. As almost every person in the world owns a smartphone, this market continues to grow. So, it is a strong argument to prioritize mobile technology. Mobile applications belong to the most powerful tools for interaction with the target audience and for the Barbershop business (as for any other beauty business), it isn’t an exception. If you are still hesitating whether it is worth developing an app for your Barbershop, please, find out the most important benefits that a mobile application can provide to your business.

Barbershop booking software is perfect for hairdressers, barbershops, and beauty salons. The key feature of the application is the simplicity and convenience of the interface. The service will easily handle the online record of customers, make the interaction between customers and masters more efficient, accumulate online visitor database, provide information about the company services.

Let us have a closer look at the top features of the Barbershop management software and divide 8 the most important among them:

1. Online booking.

By allowing your customers to book or reschedule the appointments through the application, your business gets a powerful tool to increase loyalty. The booking feature is the main function of the app. Customers see your available hours in real-time on a single calendar and can easily choose the right time for themselves.

2. Customer support.

The Barbershop software allows people to get more information about your company, the products, and the services you offer 24/7.

3. Service rating.

With this feature, your Barbershop app becomes a good marketing tool. Submit automatic feedback requests and post them on your website to attract new clients.

4. Reminders and pushnotifications.

This feature will help you reduce delays and gaps in the schedule. Confirmation by e-mail or SMS is sent automatically to your customers and masters. The system also sends reminders to customers before the meeting to minimize late arrivals.

5. Masters’ portfolios.

The best way to describe your service is to show ready works. Using the application, each master can create their Photo Album and add their best works to it. There is always high competition in this business, and attractive portfolios will help you stand out from the crowd.

6. Appointments and staff schedule management.

The application will allow your employees to automate many routine things. Every master will have an individual schedule without overlays and minimal downtime. Besides, every master can build their own client database with the details of service preferences, dyeing formula, and much more.

7. Detailed monthly analytics.

The Barbershop app will collect a lot of useful information for further analysis. The salon owner will learn what service the customers buy most often and which one is not popular. By tracking clients’ activity, you can improve your services and provide them with a better interactive experience. Understanding your customers is the key to success in any business niche. Besides, you will get attendance and sales data.

8. Promotional campaigns set up.

The app turns into a useful channel for interaction with the target audience. You can run a poll, allow users to report bugs, or suggest improvements. In return, you can offer various promotions. This approach expands your audience and builds a trusting relationship with it.

It will not take long for every beauty salon to experience all the benefits of the Barbershop app. We offer a tailored ready-made-solution that can be effectively customized for any company. Our Barbershop software includes three elements – App for customers, a Web portal for business owners, and App for branch managers and masters. In each segment, you will get access to the features that will optimize your interaction with the service and allow you to obtain the necessary information in the shortest time.

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