The gambling establishments network “Storm International” by Michael Boettcher, which owns the “Shangri La Yerevan” casino, is widely known to gambling players. Each club is an elite and respectable place where players from all over the world gather.

“Shangri La Yerevan,” the best casino near the capital, invites everyone to not only try their luck during the game but also to satisfy their ambitions by participating in tournaments held at the Poker Club. Own Poker Club is a unique opportunity to receive solid wins and exclusive prizes.

The Club hosts both regular daily tournaments and large tournaments with special guarantees and unique prizes.

Anyone who is already 21 years old can become a member of the Poker Club. To participate in the tournament, a small buy-in fee must be paid. At the same time, players receive guarantees of up to 300,000 AMD, and during large tournaments, guarantees reach from 5,000,000 to 8,000,000 AMD. The big tournament winner is guaranteed to receive a special prize – a gold bracelet, which jewelers make in a single copy specifically for the tournament. Large tournaments are held at the Club several times a year and gather participants from all over the world.

Club members can take part in games of various kinds. These are Texas, Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Low – popular games among game fans. For poker, a private room with several convenient tables for playing is allocated.

In “Shangri La Yerevan,” you will find a high service level, which corresponds to elite class establishments. Players spend time at the table with maximum comfort. In addition to the game, there is a unique opportunity to communicate with poker fans from different parts of the world.

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What does the “Shangri La Yerevan” offer?

The gambling establishment is located in close proximity to the Armenian capital. Just a couple of kilometers from Yerevan, and you will find yourself in a quiet and picturesque corner. Gambling establishments are prohibited in the capital, so the organizers opened a club outside the city.

The casino interiors are made in luxurious style. Expensive furniture made from natural materials, exclusive carpets and lamps, wrought iron decor, ergonomic furniture – all correspond to the elite establishment class and are really impressive.

The complex has private rooms for playing poker, roulette, blackjack. The spacious hall with more than 100 slots is open to those who are over 18 years old.

In a separate VIP club XO, visitors are guaranteed maximum confidentiality and privacy. Access is opened only for the club members here. A closed club is a place with high stakes and high payouts. Closed club members provide additional services.

You can enjoy gourmet cuisine in the excellent Michelangelo Lounge Restaurant. The same atmosphere of style, comfort, sophistication reigns here, and the best Armenian cuisine dishes and world masterpieces are served. And from the chef dishes, even the most demanding gourmets are delighted.

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Junket tours: everything for a better vacation

You can feel all the “Shangri La Yerevan” advantages by buying a fascinating junket tour. Paying for a tour is just the chip’s value. You can evaluate all other club opportunities absolutely for free. Tour participants will be able to appreciate all the complex features, the level of service, and, of course, enjoy the game and the elite world atmosphere of excitement and chic.

The club provides the client with a personal manager who individually solves any organizational issues. Planning a tour, assistance with obtaining a visa, choosing and ordering tickets, providing a transfer – all this is in their competence.

The “Shangri La Yerevan” popularity is growing every year, noted Darren Keane, Storm International managing director, thanks to the establishment’s respectability. In addition, international flights to the Armenian capital have recently increased significantly.

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